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  • A land bank for others

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com


  • Schweizer Fest Pet Show a big success

    We would like to thank all of our volunteers and our vast community for the support they showed us for the Perry County Humane Society 2018 Pet Show held during Schweizer Fest. It was fantastic.

    We had the young, teens and the young at heart participating. The crowd was great and we signed up much needed new memberships.

    The animals were so very well cared for and behaved so well.

    All of them were healthy and beautiful. We had 17 dogs of every size, a cat, two rabbits, one chicken, three guinea pigs and one bearded dragon. Who could ask for more?

  • Kleeman will make fine state representative

    Why Larry Kleeman?

    As citizens of one of the world’s greatest democracies, Americans are blessed with a lot of local friends and neighbors who are willing to serve their country and who make good representatives of the people.

    But politics is not only about local candidates, rather, it’s about all of us; you, me, our children, our family’s future and what we see and value as decent and moral standards.

    This is why I support Larry Kleeman for Indiana State Representative.

  • Scouts’ pork-chop dinner was a success

    Recently, St. Paul Boy Scout Troop 192 held a pork chop dinner at 12th and Highway 37 to raise funds for their causes.

    Two men in particular were instrumental in helping the Scouts, Danny Toothman and David Edwards. Also, this community showed their whole-hearted supported by stopping and purchasing delicious dinners.

    The Scouts would like to say thank you to all these people who came and showed support. The funds will help for the future summer camp next year and before that, to help in purchasing Scout badges and other necessities. Thanks again.

  • Clergy sex-abuse wounds far from healed

    A grand jury’s report detailing the sexual abuse of minors by more than 300 priests in several Pennsylvania dioceses has torn the scab from an old but unhealed wound within the Catholic Church, an institution that has done much in recent years to better safeguard its members from predator priests.

    Still, echoes of a sinful past remain, in which the crimes of pedophile priests were covered up and the priests themselves shuffled from parish to parish.

  • Memories from Rome: Will Mogan

    Editor’s Note: As the Oct. 6-7 celebration of the bicentennial of the Rome Courthouse nears, the News hopes to share the occasional guest column from Rome residents or people who grew up in the community. Jim Fiedler shares this recollection of Will Mogan.


  • Time to plant for a fall vegetable harvest

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    I am in the process of clearing out the summer vegetable garden of weary plants: the moldy cucumber vines, spent pole beans, and cantaloupe vines that have completed their life cycle and delivered way too many cantaloupes for my small family! Plans for a fall harvest are underway.

  • End the dirty war on a free press

    President Trump’s accusations of “fake news” and labeling journalists as “enemies of the people” aren’t just slaps to the faces of hard-working Americans but American democracy itself. And there is nothing fake about the danger.

    The slanderous labels repeated again and again in tweets from the White House and at rallies around the country have  become a potent tool of abuse and incitement against the First Amendment to our  Constitution.