Today's Opinions

  • Kiwanis Club members’ Walk of Honor

    This year, the Tell City Kiwanis started a new patriotic way to donate to the youth in our community.

    The Walk of Honor allows individuals to line Tell City’s City Hall Park with American flags. The flags show our community’s patriotism and allows our community to memorialize or honor a loved one or families, veterans and non-veterans.

    Flags have a card with the name of the person/family that the purchaser wished to honor or memorialize. The flags were set up prior to Memorial Day and will be up until July 5.

  • Rome beer, wine, food festival a success

    We would like to thank everyone who made the Rome Courthouse Bicentennial Beer, Wine, Music and Food Festival on June 9 such a success.

    Thanks to the many people who organized the event and helped prepare the grounds. They were beautiful. We appreciate the wineries and breweries that took part, food and craft vendors and the bands who kept all of us entertained.

    Finally, thanks to the many people who attended. We know it was a hot day, with heat, an afternoon deluge of rain but Saturday evening was great. We hope everyone had a great time.

  • Ozone and the air we breathe

    An ozone alert was issued for the area early last week. Not many people pay attention to the alerts and perhaps we need to do better at alerting the public to those times when our air quality is not where it should be.

  • Sunday bingo jitters

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com


    Life is a lot like a Sunday afternoon of bingo. Sooner or later everybody’s number is bound to come up.

    Bingo comes into my life only once a year. Every July my home church, St. John Chrysostom in New Boston, throws its picnic. And like just about every church picnic everywhere, bingo is on the schedule.

  • The amazing but underappreciated toad

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    Earlier this season, as we worked on prepping and planting, we were curious about all the small holes we saw in the ground around the vegetable garden.

    Then it occurred to me one day when I saw several toads about that these were toad holes! And, now it seems, that everywhere I step in the yard, vegetable garden and perennial beds there is a toad under foot. They manage to jump out of harm’s way (from a rapidly approaching foot or spade) just in time.

  • Should I support gambling or not?

    Leo Morris


    Indiana Policy Review


    Several months ago, on the occasion of state legislators yet again mulling the rescue of casinos from the doldrums, I wrote of my mixed feelings about state-sanctioned gambling.

    Since occasionally I have enjoyed indulging in games of chance, I can’t claim any moral high ground. The challenge of beating the odds to reap unearned rewards is a temptation to which most of us have succumbed.

  • Is it possible? I think so




    One in seven people fight addiction in their lifetime. That is 21 million Americans. Many things aid the causes of addiction such as genetics, age, prescription use, physical condition and lack of education. Then there are many environmental factors that increase the risk that someone will become addicted. Those include home life, family connections, community structure, and neighbor relationships.

  • Riverview wants to be a good neighbor


    As I’ve been meeting directly with residents, businesses and leaders in the Spencer County region over the past several months, my impression of the community has been reinforced again and again. Spencer County is brimming with wonderful people who understand that seeking development will lead to opportunities for economic advancement for generations to come. These people also understand that goal can be achieved in balance with environmental health.