Today's Opinions

  • Our View: Slowpokes get raw deal in new Indiana driving law

    What kind of lawmakers pass legislation that penalizes law-abiding citizens in an effort to ease the angst of lawbreakers?

    Our kind, apparently.

    Come July 1, it will be illegal in Indiana for slower motorists, even those for whom “slow” is the legal speed limit, to drive in the left lane if faster-moving traffic wants to pass.

  • Cannelton Elementary grateful for support

    As yet another busy school year comes to a close, we wanted to take the time to acknowledge the following businesses for their continued support and generosity to Cannelton Elementary staff and students.

    Thank you to Wall’s Drive-Inn, Dairy Queen, Iron Gate Pizza, Tom’s Circle ‘S’, Ponderosa, Tell City Cinemas, Wendy’s and Arby’s.

  • Thank you, Leadership Perry County

    Perry Central Junior-Senior High School would like to thank the Leadership Perry County Class of 2013 and American Colloid for their generous donation of $1,000 to our HIRE Technology (Advanced Manufacturing) program.  

    This donation will help us ensure we can provide hands-on experiences for our students in a field that is so important to our community.  We appreciate your commitment to supporting the education of our students.


    Seth Clark

    Principal, Perry Central Junior-Senior High School

  • Learning and exploring in the nation’s capital




    Editor’s Note: Tell City Junior-High School eighth-graders recently traveled to Washington, D.C. The News asked students to reflect on the experience and will publish two student essays. The second appears today. 


  • Limit screen time this summer

    Now that school is out and summer break is here, many Perry County youngsters will look to alternate ways to spend their time. “I’m bored!” is a phrase parents and caregivers often hear, especially as the weeks pass.

  • Something special about Perry County




    Over the past years, my work has given my wife, Elaine, and I the opportunity to live in a number of states and in cities with varying populations.

    It was always understood that the four or five years we were living somewhere was just a temporary stop to whenever we decided to retire, probably back in our home state of California. In 2011, we moved to Tell City and that entire temporary attitude changed in very short order.

  • Perennial hardy geraniums hard not to love

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    My interest in hardy geraniums started in about 1996. In European gardens they were as commonplace as phlox was in American perennial gardens.  Twenty years later and hardy geraniums are available in all their glory at most garden center. Experience has taught us which ones are suited to our warm summer climate.

    Most of us think of geraniums as an annual that we plant in our yards or in pots to add color to our patios during the summer months.  Well, this plant is actually a Pelargonium.

  • The Bedford Boys

    Jim Adkins

    Guest Columnist


    June 6 of this year is the 71st anniversary of the Normandy invasion. Most of us know it as D-Day. It was the great crusade that took place in 1944 during World War II to free Europe from the Nazis. That amphibious invasion was, on many levels, the largest in history.