Today's Opinions

  • Musician still kicking, just not as high

    Folks, I’ll have to make this a very short letter to the editor.

    I know that you all probably have some idea of how busy a musician and a sports fan can be.

    Just to let you known that I’m still kickin’, just not so high.

    I have met many wonderful folks in Perry County in the past 50 years, from 1965 to 2015. Thanks to the folks who helped me along the way.

  • Foundation making our county a better place

    This time of the year, many people are thinking about giving back to others. We’d like to invite you to give back to your community. We can help. And the best part is that anyone wanting to give to a cause can do so through utilizing the foundation as a way their giving will last forever.

    The foundation is a resource in which we grant back money to organizations in a way that donations last forever. A donation can be made to any of our 97 funds and we invest the donations. Then a portion is granted out, and the fund lasts forever.

  • Knocking on heaven’s door

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com


    I got into a fairly heated disagreement with a friend a few weeks ago about a woman coming to the area who claims to be able to contact people who have died. My view is that no one can contact the spirits of dead people. My friend believes some people can. We agreed to disagree.

  • Another time of infamy

    Pearl Harbor, the anniversary of which fell last Monday, still seems ghastly, horrific and evidence of a time when evil became totally unchained across the globe.

  • Why not the Donald?





    If you like presidential politics, this is the year for it. If you have waited until now, it may be to late.

    Last July, the media was promoting Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush as the final match for the presidential election next fall.           

  • Boxcar confession: We wuz robbed

    Jim Adkins

    Guest Column


    My wife and I took a journey back in time a few weeks ago. The escape mechanism wasn’t a DeLorean DMC-12, but rather a train, the French Lick Scenic Railway to be precise. It was an old train, though of what vintage I am unable to say, lets just be satisfied that it was mature.

  • Is Congress OK with being weak?

    Lee H. Hamilton

    Center on Congress


    Not many people outside of Capitol Hill paid attention last month when the congressional leadership released next year’s legislative schedule. Its headline feature is a strikingly long summer recess: half of July and all of August, along with a few spotty weeks of work before the November election. In all, the House will be in session for less than one-third of the year, and the Senate only a bit longer.

  • No more summers off




    This is the second of three columns about my decision to quit teaching. Part one was mainly about my reasons regarding the opinions of educators and state policy regarding education. Part two is about my decision to go from teaching to factory work.

    Part three will be about my experience at Cannelton and general thoughts on teaching practices. I’ll try my best and fail to keep these articles focused.