Today's Opinions

  • Thank you, Marksmen, for the wins, and so much more

    Basketball remains the king of sports in Indiana and what a thrill it was to watch the Tell City Marksmen notch win after win in what was their most successful season in decades. Add a sectional win, the first since 1993, and it was a season that will long be remembered. But it’s the impressive outpouring of community spirit that also caught our attention. It was that collective sense of pride, an outpouring of support that went far beyond basketball fans that filled gyms in a sea of red-clan fans, spirited calls and businesses and business sporting messages of good luck.

  • Does proposed solar park deserve tax abatement?

    It would be nice if the Indiana Municipal Power Agency would build its next solar farm in Perry County. But if it doesn’t because of tax-incentive hold-ups, there’s no need to fret.

    We recognize our local fiscal leaders have a tremendous task when it comes to bettering the economic climate of this area. That is especially true when it comes to tax breaks for businesses, which can mean boon or bust for the communities they represent.

  • Potato planting time

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    Spring break from teaching at U of L falls conveniently during the week of St. Patrick’s Day; which is also my target date for planting onions and potatoes. I typically manage a mid-March planting but the condition of the soil is my primary concern. I will not start digging until the soil dries out and is considered workable.

  • Thanks for making fish fry a success

    The St. Paul Boy Scout Troop 192 would like to thank everyone who came and patronized them at their fish fry March 8 at the church parish hall.

    To those who couldn’t come but bought a ticket, thank you. It was a very successful event. The proceeds will help the boys attend summer camp. This year they plan to go to Camp Crooked Creek near the Louisville, Ky., area.


    Roy Mitchell


  • Taxpayers, watch TIF spending

    The Perry County News recently reported that there are expensive repairs necessary at the court house annex (the old armory building). I can not understand why we should get excited about this, after all the courthouse TIF, just like the PCDC, always has plenty of money.  They never have to worry where to get more funding because it magically appears in their account every tax season.

  • DST: Is it worth the hassle?

    Show of hands: Who among you forgot to set your clocks ahead one hour before bed this past Saturday and were late for church the following morning?

    Don’t be embarrassed. Dozens of area families likely got a late start. Daylight-saving time began at 2 a.m. Sunday, and, all these years later, some Hoosiers still aren’t used to it.

  • Reflections of a TC storefront

    Stuart Cassidy

    Staff Writer

    news@perry countynews.com


    Sadness somewhat overcame me as I pumped gas. Not because of the recent 10 percent increases, but as I looked across the parking lot of the Circle S near the high school, I could see in the distance the back of the ARI Rehabilitation building.

    That’s were a small section of the structure was being torn down. The old metal sided portion was only used for storage in the past, but the reflections of my childhood came flooding over me seeing the rubble of what was.

  • Chirping peepers sure sign of spring

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    Absolutely nothing says spring more than the distant chorus of spring peepers. There is a wooded stream just off Conner Station that is home to a cacophonous band of peepers all competing for as many females as they can lure with their peeping charm. 

    On my way home last week, on a warm evening, after plenty of rain, the spring peepers reminded me of how glorious rural life can be.  Just by listening for a few minutes an entire other world can be imagined.