Today's Opinions

  • Raise cigarette tax for better Hoosier health

    As the alliance of Indiana health and business groups pushes yet again for the legislature to raise the cigarette tax, let’s hope that the third time’s the charm.

    The upcoming legislative session will mark the advocates’ third effort to sell lawmakers on the idea.

  • Stop spending taxpayer money on health insurance for part-time elected officials

    Part-time elected officials, including city and county council members and county commissioners, should not be offered health insurance as a benefit of their offices and by no means should public money be used to pay for it.

  • Indiana holds economic data close to the vest

    Ken Davidson

    Guest Columnist


    Over the course of the past three years, obtaining information on Tax Increment Financing districts has been made difficult and in some ways impossible.

    In 2016, shortly after articles appeared in the quarterly Indiana Policy Review, the Holcomb Administration stopped publishing data related to local economic development agencies. Previously, residents could go to the web site of the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance and view the required annual reports.

  • Holiday greenery rich in symbolism

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    Holiday greenery has a history that goes well beyond the Victorian Christmas tree we gather around today. Most of the holiday greenery we use to decorate dates back to the pagan holidays of the Romans and northern Europeans when certain plants were chosen for their symbolic powers of restoration and protection.

  • Ginger’s tropical roots

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    Most of us know that the popular spice ginger comes from the root of the plant. Well, really it is a rhizome, and the hot and pungent flavor has more to it than just a taste sensation.

  • Lunch with George H.S. Bush

    Bob Zaltsberg

    Guest Columnist


    I checked in at the northwest appointment gate at the White House on a crisp September morning in 1989. The person working security at the gate took my information and said: “You’ll be sitting at the president’s lunch table today.”

    Already high expectations for the day spiked.

  • Riverview Energy will be good for community

    I’m a member of the Boilermaker’s Union Local 374. I attended the public hearing on IDEM’s draft permit for Riverview Energy’s coal-to-diesel plant this week in Lincoln City. I was glad to see my neighbors and fellow townspeople coming together to discuss this important community issue.

  • Community supported Renaissance Class’ annual dinner, auction

    The Renaissance Leadership class of Tell City Junior-Senior High School held its annual spaghetti dinner and silent auction Friday, Dec. 7.