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  • Always on the line, thank you 911 dispatchers

    This week is Public Telecommunications Operators Week, an overly complex name for a time set aside each year to thank the people who answer the phone when we dial 911. Perry County is well served by dispatchers who work from the Tell City Police Department. In case you didn’t know, the dispatching station that relays calls for police, fire departments, ambulances and conservation officers is staffed around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The place never closes.

  • Another view of socialism




    This piece is a response to Jim Adkins’ recent op-ed about socialism in the April 1 and 15 edition of the Perry County News. I am a 21 year old college graduate, a member of this community, and I see this as an opportunity to provide a different perspective.

  • Laws should protect journalists

    Your April 8 editorial “Laws needed to protect journalists” appears to hit the nail on the head.

    During my lifetime when I read the newspaper, I generally found the news on page one. Articles were generally factual and to the point. They told me the news, they told me what happened, they told me what was said.

    If I wanted an opinion, I would look to page 2 and under the Editorial heading I would find the papers opinion or the editor’s opinion of what happened or what was said.

  • Thank you, volunteers for countless acts of service

    National Volunteer Week wrapped up yesterday, a perfect time to thank everyone in our county who volunteers their time and talents to the many community groups that improve life in so many ways.

    Millions and millions of Americans make volunteering part of their daily lives. In fact, a recent Volunteering In America study prepared by the Corporation for National and Community Service revealed that 77.4 million people, or 30.3 percent of the population, volunteered through an organization in 2017.

  • Celebrating our campuses

    Sue Ellspermann

    Guest Columnist


    “Our Communities. Your College.” That’s the promise of Ivy Tech Community College. And that’s why we believe Community College Month, which takes place in April, is worth celebrating well beyond our campuses.

  • On Socialism: Part Two

    The worst evils that have been thrust upon man have come from big governments. What causes a government to kill its own citizens? Both socialism and communism require a commitment to the use of force.

  • Rethink the lawn, alternatives to turf

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


  • Eliminating cedar blight

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    The signs of fire blight (scorched-looking foliage and stem tips) are rather boring compared to the freaky looking appendages that “ripen” with cedar-apple rust. Get ready to start seeing large, orange gelatinous spore horns hanging from cedars like they are decorated with Japanese lanterns. They strike awe and dread from me because they are fabulous looking creations of nature but they also forewarn a rust problem in the orchard for next year.