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  • Indiana police body camera bill finally on right path

    State legislation to determine rules for public access to video footage from police body cameras and police dashboard cameras in Indiana is finally on the right path. But there’s still work to do before House Bill 1019 would be an effective law.

    The version of the bill that had passed the House of Representatives was fundamentally flawed. Basically, it demanded that members of the public justify their need to see police video footage.

  • Scalia will be missed on high court

    Justice Antonin Scalia rightfully believed that when interpreting the Constitution, the Supreme Court had a duty to uphold the original intent of  the document established during its ratification.

    Though today, strictly  adhering to the Constitution is looked upon by large divisions of society as primitive. So out of respect to Justice Scalia, I wanted to resolve the common misinterpretations of our Constitution which have helped lead to the ill-fated state of our republic.

  • When it’s your time ...

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com


    Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the News in 2003.


    The 8-year-old boy stood up from his seat, turned around and lifted the cushion he had been sitting on. He apparently found what he was looking for, because he quickly put the cushion back in its place and sat back down. Still, he looked worried.

  • Working for Hoosier veterans

    State Rep. Lloyd Arnold

    District 74


    As a veteran of the Iraq War, I have always felt an obligation to bring attention and support to our state’s veterans.

    Working to ensure that those Hoosiers who honorably served our country are taken care of is a responsibility all of us as state representatives have. I co-authored two bills this session that would combat challenges our veterans face here in Indiana.

  • Amphitheatre offers bargains for everyone’s musical tastes

    For many years the Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosted only the Indianapolis 500. Then the track’s owners realized it did not make financial sense to use it only once a year, so now it also hosts a NASCAR race and Formula 1 race each year.

    Now the Lincoln Amphitheatre is using similar thinking to expand its offerings.

  • House Bill 1004 bad for teachers, bad for state

    For years, local teachers and school administrators have worked together to help best serve our students.

    If House Bill 1004 passes – the controversial bill purporting to solve Indiana’s teacher shortage – it will only worsen the shortage, thereby, making it harder to ensure kids in Cannelton City Schools have a caring and qualified teacher in every classroom.

  • Sidewalk supporters thanked

    I would like to thank everyone involved in the repairs of the sidewalks around Meyers Grade School.

    Thanks to Mary and Jim Snyder,Tom and Jane Huber, Julie Bishop, Bill and Judy Garret, Al Sibbet and Brian Garret with the Cannelton school system for all there generous donations.

    C.J. Ransom, owner of Ransom Excavating, made a donation and completed the job at cost.

  • News marks milestones

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com


    It’s been a season of celebrations at the News with two employees marking milestones in recent weeks. It’s also been a time to reflect on the life of a newspaper pioneer who guided the business for more than half a century.

    Joyce Dauby, our circulation manager, is marking 45 years with the company. Not only does she have the honor of being the most veteran staff member here, she is our parent company, Landmark Media Enterprises’, longest-serving employee.