Today's Opinions

  • Not every buzz threatens a sting

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    Bees are the life-blood of any successful orchard, garden and landscape where pollination is necessary for fruit. In recent years bees have found themselves in a pickle with the over-use of pesticides and a parasitic mite that have contributed to a decrease in their numbers. The thing about bees is that the aggressive behavior of a few species has given them all a bad rap.

  • Route 545’s future

    I’ve written columns about many topics but perhaps never before about a stretch of highway. So, this might be a first. My focus today? State Road 545.

  • Our View: Presidents struggle with immigration decisions

    When it comes to American policy on immigration, historically, leaders have long footed both sides of the fence. It’s a practice woven into the fabric of our culture, but the past is not a patronage of fairness.

  • Protecting our children

    David Niezgodski

    Indiana Senate


    Indiana has a part time legislature. This means that in even-numbered years, legislators convene at the Statehouse for the first four months of the year, and in odd-numbered years, we convene for only three.

    Because we are part-time and legislative needs aren’t always perfectly timed according to our schedule, the state constitution allows us to convene for what is called a “special session,” but only in the event of an emergency.

  • Digging and dividing daffodils for better blooms

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    If your daffodils didn’t bloom well this year, ask yourself these two questions: did you allow the foliage to die back naturally last summer before you cut it off and has it been eons since they were last divided? 

  • Time really does fly by

    Heather Powell

    Staff Writer


    I turned 30 this year and while I’ve never been one to mind the numbers going up, it has made me think about how different things are at 30 than they were when I was younger. I think time has changed the most for me.

    Summer breaks used to stretch on for eternity and nowadays I’m lucky if a month sticks around long enough for me to tie my shoes. There is so much I want to do in life but the months and years have started flying by.

  • River Sweep 2018 a success

    Now, we would like to thank the volunteers who participated in the River Sweep.

    We would also like to thank the following donors of food, money and supplies: Chicago’s Pizza, Subway, Noble’s IGA, Papa John’s Pizza, Franzman Insurance Agency, Tell City Junior-Senior High School, Joseph and Marilyn Schoeppel and Perry County Memorial Hospital.

    And, although we did not need the services of Tell City or Cannelton Police departments, the Perry County Sheriff Department or the EMS, it was great to know they were there if their services were required.

  • Bullies and your vote

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com


    In kindergarten I watched two older kids fighting on a playground. They were maybe fourth- or fifth-graders, not big kids, but they appeared big to me.