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  • State attorney general has chance at self-defense

    By several accounts, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill behaved irresponsibly, offensively and abusively at a late-night party at an Indianapolis bar after the last day of the General Assembly session in March.

    After hearing complaints about Hill’s behavior that night at AJ’s Lounge, four legislative leaders – including Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane, a Democrat from Anderson – did an internal investigation. The findings of the investigation were leaked and became news this month.

  • School-supply memories

    Our coverage of each year’s United Way’s Stuff the Bus and other back-to-school supply projects brought back memories for me of school supplies and the first day of school.

    It’s funny how those images, perhaps seared into brain cells by excitement, apprehension and dread, are so easily recalled each year as we witness others doing what we did so many years ago. This column about school supplies was first written a decade ago and may stir your own back-to-school days memories.

  • Help keep kids safe as they return to school

    With the upcoming school year fast approaching, it’s important to remember there will be several changes from our summer morning routines and being informed can go a long way to ensure safety.

  • Believe in the new age of print

    Eric Whittaker

    Feature Writer


    Sometimes we hear or read reports heralding the end of the age of print. A blasphemous statement for those of us in the news industry. Years ago, former national-security adviser and secretary of state Henry Kissinger claimed it was the end of the age of religion. While tradition has given way to more modern concepts, that was an overstatement. Now the age of print is claimed to have ended and replaced by our present digital age.

  • Asking for a prepared NATO isn’t warmongering

    Despite criticism, the president is trying to steer us away from war. However, harsh comments from nearly every direction tries to point otherwise.

  • State concern building over tariffs

    What started as a rightful attempt to protect American steel and aluminum from cheap imports has transformed into a potential global trade war with chilling economic impacts for Indiana and beyond. 

    How widespread are the disputes with countries that are longtime trading partners? Washington is at odds with six of America’s top seven foreign markets. These countries account for more than half of all U.S. exports.

  • Indiana government can do better for Hoosiers

    Let’s talk a little about Indiana:

    Earlier this week CNBC released their best states for business reports and Indiana ranked 16th overall, dropping 2 positions from the last report but here’s the really bad news:


    • Indiana ranked 35th in education, 40th in workforce, 46th in quality of life and received an F in general well-being of our people.

    • In 2016 Indiana released more toxic chemicals into the environment than 44 other states, that’s right we were No. 6.

  • Curing onion, garlic and potatoes

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    Potatoes, garlic and onions are staples worldwide partly because of their versatility and partly because of their storage-ability.