Today's Opinions

  • This Labor Day, we’re short on workers

    Created more than a century ago to honor the American labor movement and the hard work of millions of people from all walks of life, Labor Day 2018 arrives with a curious twist. Perry County needs more laborers.

    Good jobs exist and many pay well, but often go unfilled. Many companies hang “We are Hiring” banners in front of their locations. This newspaper has a range of employment ads in each issue and some companies resort to hiring bonuses in high-demand fields such as health care and transportation.

  • New required training aimed at reducing high state teen suicide rates

    Tami Silverman

    Guest Columnist


    Our kids are going back to school and many of us are thinking about backpacks, school supplies and physicals.

    With bus schedules, class schedules and afterschool activities, our kids can easily get stressed about the beginning of a new school year. For some children, especially teens, this stress and anxiety exists at a dangerous level.

  • Girls 8-U team says thanks

    The Tell City Girls 8-U All-Star team finished their season at the end of July after competing in tournaments in Jasper, Ferdinand and Petersburg.

    The team would like to thank the League and following people and businesses for their generous donations: Susan Miller, Double Diamond Supply, D & S Transportation, Lutgring Brothers and Franzman Insurance. These sponsorships provided the team with shirts, entry fees and drinks for the team. We greatly appreciate the community support.


    Mike Maddle, Lisa Noble, Felicia DuPont

  • Crabgrass has long culinary history

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    Summertime is the time when crabgrass rears its ugly head and begins to creep through our fescue lawns, sneak into our cultivated beds and, when we’re not looking, reseeds itself to ensure the continuation of the species.

    Does it sound daunting? Well, I wouldn’t look at it that way entirely; let’s just say it is a challenge to keep it under control.

  • A failed war on drugs

    Michael Hicks

    Guest Columnist


    The United States is close to 40 years into the ‘War on Drugs.’ What began as a campaign of good intentions has become among the most costly policy failures of the last 150 years. We seem unwilling or unable to grapple with the immense consequences or, indeed, even fully appreciate the depth of the problem.

    Before I explain the issue and discuss some reasonable alternatives, I wish to make clear my personal feelings about illegal drug use.

  • A land bank for others

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com


  • Schweizer Fest Pet Show a big success

    We would like to thank all of our volunteers and our vast community for the support they showed us for the Perry County Humane Society 2018 Pet Show held during Schweizer Fest. It was fantastic.

    We had the young, teens and the young at heart participating. The crowd was great and we signed up much needed new memberships.

    The animals were so very well cared for and behaved so well.

    All of them were healthy and beautiful. We had 17 dogs of every size, a cat, two rabbits, one chicken, three guinea pigs and one bearded dragon. Who could ask for more?

  • Kleeman will make fine state representative

    Why Larry Kleeman?

    As citizens of one of the world’s greatest democracies, Americans are blessed with a lot of local friends and neighbors who are willing to serve their country and who make good representatives of the people.

    But politics is not only about local candidates, rather, it’s about all of us; you, me, our children, our family’s future and what we see and value as decent and moral standards.

    This is why I support Larry Kleeman for Indiana State Representative.