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  • COLUMN: Close Christmas encounters of the family kind

    Guest Columnist

    A few Christmases back, my wife Leonna and I drove to Tennessee to visit her sister and family who live in a rural area near Clarksville. They reside on three acres in a charming two-story ranch house with their three young boys and older daughter.

    I was looking forward to the visit because I hadn’t been able to spend time with the younger children since they were born.

  • LETTER: Why do drunk drivers get slaps on the wrist?

    My wife, Donna, was killed by a drunk driver Sept. 24, four days before her birthday in Dubois County north of Ferdinand on Indiana 162.

    Instead of celebrating her birthday, we had to bury her. This was not the first time he was caught driving drunk. Two years ago he was caught drinking and driving and was just put on probation. He just got off probation in March of this year. On Sept. 24 he was driving drunk again, three times the legal limit and traveling 19 miles an hour over the speed limit and this time a very kind and loving woman lost her life.

  • LETTER: Winter has come early and some people need help with paying high heating bills

    Winter has come early this year and along with that will be higher heating bills for all of us. Several years ago, Ohio Valley Gas Corp. established a “gas help fund” to help struggling families pay their gas bills. This fund is owned by the Ohio Valley Gas and is administered by Catholic Charities.

    Currently, this fund is perilously low on funds. Any donation made to the gas help fund will be matched by the board of directors of Ohio Valley Gas. This, in effect, doubles the amount of money that can be donated to this fund.

  • COLUMN: Why some people don’t vote

    Guest Columnist

    In May, Indiana voters decided 10 school referendums. Nine passed. This November, two referendums were decided.

    Both were defeated.

    Since November 2009, 66 percent of referendums in May have passed. Only 38 percent of referendums in November have passed.

    Let’s think up a story about voting and see if we can explain these results.

  • COLUMN: Christmas eats abound


    The holiday season isn’t just about eating, but meals seem to be an important part of year-end celebrations for many of us. They certainly are for me.

  • EDITORIAL: Mutual respect at heart of strong police-community relationship

    Law enforcement is never an easy line of work but we suspect local police officers have found their jobs a little harder in recent weeks in the wake of protests in Ferguson, Mo., and more recently in New York. Grand juries in both communities decided not to indict white police officers in the deaths of black men.

    The impact of resulting protests and riots has been felt here at home.

    “I feel like everyone who wears a badge is under a magnifying glass,” one officer said recently.

  • ‘Dumb and Dumber’ has not aged well in theater return

    Film Reviewer

    “We should stop reviewing comed-ies.” That is the title of an article I wrote for my website over a year and a half ago, and I’ve stuck to it, aside from “This Is the End,” but I made an exception for that since it was an apocalyptic comedy.

    After watching “Dumb and Dumber To,” I felt compelled to break my own rule again. The exception this time: a comedy sequel to a beloved movie from my youth.

  • Lookout towers stand as sentinels to history

    Guest Columnist