Today's Opinions

  • You can’t vote if you aren’t registered

    Voting season is upon us. As political tensions between parties heighten, it is important to remember the value your vote carries. Midterm elections are not often well attended, especially when compared to presidential years.

  • Spiders in the garden, nothing to fear

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    I’m not frightened by spiders; this doesn’t mean that I want them crawling on me. I enjoy seeing them in the garden this time of the year. They seem to be everywhere: between the chair and the umbrella, in the frame of the garage door, across the window frame in the office, and across the path through Daddy’s Japanese Garden.

  • More Rome Schoolhouse memories

    I went all eight years at Rome School. I read with interest Jim Fiedler’s memories about Will Mogan. I too would hear of Will riding his motor cycle standing on the seat. Will purchased a Harley Davidson from me and it could have very well been the one he was riding.

  • ID cards for illegal immigrants won’t work

    Dear Editor,


    I read the illegal immigration article by Steve Obermeir in the Sept. 6, issue. Obermeir does a good job listing some of the problem with the current failed system.

    His proposal to computerize ID cards for illegals is too simple, in my opinion.

    I received a letter from the White House signed by the president. I wish to share it with your readers.


    Frank Sandage

    Tell City


    Dear Mr. Sandage,


  • Friends of the library grateful for support

    On behalf of the Friends of the Perry County Library, I would like to express appreciation to all who supported our recent silent auction. Many individuals and businesses have supported us in the past and we thank all of you, most especially the following businesses and individual patrons who generously participated this year:

  • Thomas’ article about fake is ... well, fake news




    Jason Thomas’ article about fake news is fake news. Thomas’ contention that the public trust in the main stream media or MSM “is on the rise,” is as fake as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny (sorry kids). Thomas has cried foul over President Trump describing news outlets as “fake.” The trouble for Thomas is this: most Americans agree with the president.

  • When to stay out of the way

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com


    It’s human nature to be curious when big news events occur, whether fires, wrecks, drug labs or storms like last week’s tornado.

    But sometimes, there are too many sightseers and police – especially when they just arrive on the scene – don’t have time to cordon off the scene or shoo away spectators. They have their jobs to do and by steering clear and not clogging roadways, the community can help things greatly.

  • Bartels is our best choice for state rep

    Stephen Bartels is a man who knows how to get things done. His unique abilities are exactly what our community needs to represent our interests in Indianapolis.

    Too many politicians accomplish little, if anything, in the complex Indianapolis political environment. In his first five months as our freshman legislator, Bartels passed two bills unanimously! Such an accomplishment by a freshman legislator is remarkable in politics today.