Today's Opinions

  • Stop spending taxpayer money on health insurance for part-time elected officials

    Part-time elected officials, including city and county council members and county commissioners, should not be offered health insurance as a benefit of their offices and by no means should public money be used to pay for it.

  • Looking for a tree? Live or fresh cut?

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    So which type of tree reflects your holiday-style? Do you get a fresh cut, artificial or container-grown? Or do you just go out-of-town and let someone else do the decorating? All are certainly acceptable but there are different rules that apply to each.

    Obviously, the artificial ilk has few restrictions but there are some things to remember if you get a fresh cut or container-grown tree for planting after the holidays.

  • This spuds for you

    Jim Adkins

    Guest Columnist


    Recently, Leonna and I were driving to Troy. It was a cold day and there was some highway work going on. Up ahead, a worker held one of those signs that says “Slow” on one side and “Stop” on the other.

    We were lucky and caught the slow side and lowering our speed, continued on our way.

  • Thanks for making Cannelton parade another success

    Cannelton American Legion and its Auxiliary would like to thank all of our parade workers, everyone who entered a float, car or marching group.

    Thanks also to the city of Cannelton and their police, utility, fire and street crews and, of course, Santa Claus.

    In case you missed it in Thursday’s Perry County News, our winners were, in the civic division, first place, Perry County Democratic Committee; second place, Cannelton American Legion Auxiliary and in third place, Troy Fire Department.

  • Make your voices heard at Wednesday’s IDEM hearing on Riverview Energy

    In late October, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management released a draft air permit and stated “Riverview Energy’s coal-to-diesel plant proposed for Dale will not have a significant impact on air quality and overall health in the region.”

  • On the road to Christmas

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com


    Thursday is the feast of St. Barbara, a martyr killed in the third or fourth century for her conversion to Christianity. By tradition, she was killed by her own father, who was then struck down by lightning and killed on the spot. That’s why St. Barbara was the patroness of people who worked around gunpowder or who served in the artillery.

  • Profiteering pharma, blind-eyed insurance companies elevate overdose problems

    Stuart Cassidy

    Staff Writer


    The link between rising medical costs can be narrowly focused on big medicine and insurance. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are akin to the stereotypical gutter-dwelling drug pushers hocking their illicit products on street corners. Under the guise of “try it, it’s free,” major pharma companies peddle their life-prolonging products  – whose side effects often cause other complications years down the road – with the promise of big gains.

  • Winter Checklist: Part II

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    This the second in a two-part column.


    Years ago, I made the mistake of leaving the water pump in the barn instead of storing it in the basement. Well, I found out why Daddy always stored it in the basement during the cold days of winter. When I got the pump out to do some irrigation the following summer, the primer tank had split right open.