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  • Our view: Tax Shifts

    There are numerous valid reasons for the council to look at shifting local tax rates. The most obvious is that doing so could mean an $188,000 increase in spending power. Also, it could mean a little savings to the tax payers, though $40 a year won’t get anyone very far.

    But as Councilman Luke Thomas pointed out in April when he proposed such plans, it is the people’s money. So whether you agree or disagree with whatever the outcomes, the members should be commended for at least looking at the possibilities.

  • Life of a bag worm is a drag

    Jeneen Wiche



    Like most caterpillars, bagworms are voracious eaters as they store up calories for growth, metamorphosis and reproduction. Now is the time they do the majority of their damage to evergreen trees and shrubs, so be on the lookout for activity. A large infestation can literally strip an evergreen of nearly all its needles.

  • Are America’s nursing homes failing patients?



    The Senate Special Committee on Aging has just released one of the most damning reports on the nation’s nursing homes that I’ve seen in a long time. The short document should be required reading for any family thinking of moving a relative to a nursing facility.

  • Of rivers and ponds and sailing

    Mark Eisenlohr


    I’m fascinated by the Ohio River.

    Having spent nearly all my life located somewhere along the shores of Lake Michigan, this river thing is new to me.

    And I just can’t get enough of it.

    I’m amazed at how quick the river can rise, and then settle back down again.

    I also enjoy watching the barge traffic going up and down the river.

    I think about how much I’d like to be plying the river on a tug today, navigating the buoys and locks and dams.

  • OUR VIEW – New city hall, new possibilities in Cannelton

    Recent reports that Cannelton City Hall may split from the shared space with the library in favor of setting up city services downtown has potential for expanded opportunity.

    Cannelton library currently occupies the upper portion of the building with City Hall in the lower portion. If the lower half is vacated, that would leave room for growth in Cannelton for further educational resources.

  • When there’s shame, free lunches aren’t the answer

    Leo Morris

    Indiana Policy Review


    I can barely keep track of all the shaming going on these days. There is fat shaming. And slut shaming. And stay-at-home-mom shaming and LGBTQ shaming and even religion shaming.

    And we have apparently become so judgmental that as soon as we feel properly chastised about one form of shaming, another one comes around.

    It’s almost impossible for me to keep up, even when so many others seem aware.

  • Letter: Several resons more deputies needed

    Dear Editor:

    Are you aware of the growing problem concerning the safety of our county residents? The crime rate concerning drugs has steadily climbed in the area. I was raised in Evansville in the 50s and homicides were a rare thing. Now it is almost a daily item on our local TV channels. Owensboro is also experiencing the problem; and now, this problem is on OUR doorstep.

  • He left some big shoes sitting in the corner

    Mark Eisenlohr



    This week I return to regular column writing after a short hiatus of about 20 years. Or maybe it’s been 30. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been 40 anyway.