• LETTER: Government needs to butt out of marriage

    The debate about whether government should sanction or prevent gay marriage is missing the essential point that government has no call to be involved at all with the matter of marriage.

    Marriage is a personal decision by two (or more?) people to enter into a certain kind of relationship.

    It is not the government’s prerogative or bailiwick or duty or necessity to inject itself into the matter of marriage. The government should butt out of the marriage business.

  • LETTER: Marathon feature well written

    I want to thank you for your coverage and great story on Kim Strobel’s participation in the Boston Marathon.

    Your writer, Trista Lutgring, did an excellent job describing the marathon, Boston’s unusual weather conditions for this year’s race and Kim’s preparation for the event.

    The story was thorough and interesting. It was an informative sports story as well as a solid human-interest story.


  • LETTER: Library’s silent auction a ringing success

    The Friends of the Perry County Public Library would like to thank the staff, its patrons and the citizens of Perry County for supporting our Antiques at the Library and Silent Auction during National Library Week in April.

    We want to thank the following vendors for setting up, displaying their items and sharing their expertise:

  • LETTER: Triathlon a credit to students, supporters

    The fourth William Tell Triathlon was held May 5. The event was offered free to any student in grades 1-6. This year’s triathlon had 120 student participants.

    All students were given free shirts, water, fruit, water bottles, sack lunches and a pool party for participating.

  • LETTER: Foundation helps adult learners succeed

    As many in the community might be aware, the Perry County Community Foundation recently awarded a grant to adult education in Region 11 and our partner, Cannelton City Schools, to provide transportation services for the adult education class in Perry County.

    The free class, held at Ivy Tech Community College in Tell City, is fairly new, and we quickly realized that one of the most significant barriers for students in the community wanting to take advantage of the class was transportation.

  • LETTER: Obama no liar for U.S. oil reserves comments

    In his letter of April 30 (“Letter writer overlooks Obama facts, failures”) Jim Adkins seemed to have a lot to say about the issue of oil production, along with quite a bit about me. In the letter, Mr. Adkins calls me a liberal but he has never met me, talked to me on the phone or communicated with me in anyway. Furthermore, in looking at my past letters to this paper I don’t see anywhere that I gave an impression of being a liberal.

  • LETTER: Shouldn’t housing grant be used for housing?

    The (proposed) visitor center on Seventh Street is well and good, but why buy more land when you have all that chair-company property north of the doctors’ offices. It is just like when the city had to buy property for the police station, when the same property was there then.

    If the money you are wanting to use the for visitor center was supposed to be used for housing, then use it for housing. I’m getting tired of my money being spent needlessly.

    Tell City

  • LETTER: Hauser dedicated to Anderson Township VFD

    The directors of the Anderson Township Volunteer Fire Department wish to recognize the life of Lloyd Hauser, who recently passed away.

    On Feb. 15 our members signed a proclamation that recognized his hard work and dedication.

  • LETTER: What’s wrong with shepherd’s hooks?

    To St. Mary’s Cemetery Committee: I would like to know why you don’t want shepherd staffs mounted in the bases of monuments?

    They wouldn’t interfere with mowing, unless you mow upon the bases of the monuments.

    I know you don’t clean the monuments’ bases off because my parents’ is covered in grass on the base.


  • LETTER: Letter writer overlooks Obama facts, failures

    In response to Brian Gray’s (“How much will tapping reserves cost U.S.?”) letter of last week, I noted that he has used the old liberal trick of immediately going off-point when a question arises for which he has no answer. Like many libs, Gray dances around the issues like he has just been sprinkled with pixie dust.

    The entire point of the first 12 paragraphs of my letter is that Obama is not telling the truth about the nation’s oil reserves. The president states that we have only 2 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves.