• No longer proud to be from Indiana

    In Kentucky you can make $100,000 and insurance is under $400 a month.

  • Donations help Martin’s Cloak Food Pantry

    We at Martin’s Cloak Food Pantry want to say thank you to all in the area who have donated to the Perry County Food Coalition.

  • Testing of Indiana’s students excessive

    As a parent and grandparent, I believe parents are the first and primary teachers of their children.

    And a parent does not surrender parental rights to the public school system when a child enters kindergarten.

    As a parent, one remains responsible for their child’s continuing education until the child reaches the age of majority or adulthood.

    Having said this, I’m encouraging parents to get actively involved in Indiana’s statewide testing mandates for the so called ISTEP.

  • Council of Agencies appreciates support

    The Perry County Council of Agencies, as a member of the local food coalition, recently received funds and food through Catholic Charities from many contributors in the area.

    The council members would like to thank those who generously donated to our local food pantry, which is open three mornings a week.

    There continues to be a need in our community to help supplement individuals and families with limited food supplies.

    The Council of Agencies is also open Tuesday morning to provide clothing for men, women and older children.

  • Food coalition thankful for community support

    On behalf of Jasper’s Food Pantry of Cannelton, I would like to thank the following for donations of food to the Perry County Food Pantry Coalition:

    American Legion Auxiliary, ATTC Manufacturing, Evangelical United Church of Christ, U.S. Forest Service, St. Pius confirmation class, Alpha Phi retired teachers, Oakwood Health Campus, Parker Hannifin, Tell City Junior Senior High School Renaissance Class, Chicago’s Pizza, Lois Hartman, and the local Girl Scouts.

  • Soup-supper fundraiser was a big success

    Cornerstone Christian School just can’t thank the community, school parents and the Freewill Baptist Church enough for the generous support during our recent soup supper fundraising event.

    Thanks to the donations of supplies, money, time and a lot of hard work, it was a great success.

    We asked for desserts and we got them. The amount provided by both the church and our school families was astounding!

    The way everyone pitched in to help with the shopping, peeling, chopping and cleaning up made the workload much lighter and a lot more fun.

  • Pence’s tax-funded news service a bad idea

    Editor’s note: This letter was submitted before Gov. Pence’s announcement Thursday that he had terminated plans for the JustIN website.

    Stunned. That’s how I felt when I heard about Gov. Mike Pence’s bold overreach to toss the media aside and have state government run the news.

    His new taxpayer-funded news agency, which is headed by a former journalist, will write pre-written news stories and “break” news that will favor the Pence Administration.

  • There’s more to falling gas prices, and America’s long-term interests, than meets the eye

    Practically the entire country is enjoying the recent falling gasoline prices. We’ve become so used to protracted prices in the $3 to $4 per gallon range that $2 per gallon gasoline, and the prospect of further price declines if the price of crude oil continues to fall, seems like a reason to celebrate. At a time when so many people’s wages have been stagnant for years, a substantial reduction in the price of gasoline is a welcome relief to strained budgets.

  • Super Commodore fan releases musical CD

    First, I would like to say hello to all the wonderful former students I taught at Perry Central Community School for almost a 25-year period. I hope you are all doing well in your chosen fields. Secondly, I want to inform all fine Perry Central folks that I produced my first music compact disc and will have them on sale at the Perry Central ballgame, weather permitting, Jan. 31.

  • Will Obama get credit for lower gas prices?

    You know, I remember a couple of years ago some readers wrote letters to this very paper saying it was all President Obama’s fault that gasoline might hit $4 a gallon back then and how Obama had hurt this country’s oil production.

    I wonder what they are saying now with gas under $2 a gallon? I guess since he was to blame back then, he gets the credit now for prices falling?