• Community brightened holidays for hundreds

    The United Way of Perry County would like to thank all the members of our community who helped make Christmas brighter for over 550 children through the Holiday Helpers United Christmas Assistance program. It was truly a community wide effort.

    Special thanks go to the following:

  • Nativity display a tribute to many volunteers

    The Nativity scene Dec. 12 was a great success. The scene was so beautiful and reflected the joyous birth of Jesus.

     I want to thank these following people. Gene Borders for the use of his land and building; Robin Brown with her donkey and goat; Scott Whitehead for the sheep and Brandon Sodrel for his donkeys for the petting zoo. Thank you to the Tell City Police Department for the speaker system; Orscheln Farm and Home for the use of the pen and Betty Cash for opening the Tell City Depot and letting the group get dressed for the scene.

  • Musician still kicking, just not as high

    Folks, I’ll have to make this a very short letter to the editor.

    I know that you all probably have some idea of how busy a musician and a sports fan can be.

    Just to let you known that I’m still kickin’, just not so high.

    I have met many wonderful folks in Perry County in the past 50 years, from 1965 to 2015. Thanks to the folks who helped me along the way.

  • Foundation making our county a better place

    This time of the year, many people are thinking about giving back to others. We’d like to invite you to give back to your community. We can help. And the best part is that anyone wanting to give to a cause can do so through utilizing the foundation as a way their giving will last forever.

    The foundation is a resource in which we grant back money to organizations in a way that donations last forever. A donation can be made to any of our 97 funds and we invest the donations. Then a portion is granted out, and the fund lasts forever.

  • 4-H council appreciates community support

    The Perry County 4-H Council would like to take to opportunity to thank the council members, Junior Leaders, Fairgrounds, local 4-H clubs and everyone that helped with the dinner and auction that was held on Nov. 7, 2015.

    Your support is greatly appreciated and a great help to the program.

  • Please support Kiwanis food basket project

    The Christmas season is upon us, and it is time to turn our thoughts to giving, especially to those less fortunate than ourselves.

    On behalf of those less fortunate, the Tell City Kiwanis Club is once again organizing the distribution of baskets of food to needy individuals and families throughout the Perry County area.

    Your past cash contributions have enabled the Tell City Kiwanis Club to successfully carry out the Christmas Basket Project for more than 65 years. Now we ask again for your help in making this possible for Christmas 2015.

  • United Way supports the Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army Perry County Service Extension unit is proud to be a United Way of Perry County partner.

    The primary goal of The Salvation Army Service Extension program is to provide emergency financial assistance to people in need throughout the community.  The funds allocated to our program by the UWPC, combined with other money raised through our kettle fund-raising campaign, allow our local office to offer financial assistance for basic needs such as medical, food, energy, rent, and transportation expenses. 

  • United Way supports 4-H

    The Perry County 4-H Council would like to thank the Perry County United Way for its support of our  program.   4-H continues to  help many young people gain the leadership skills needed to mature into responsible adults. 

    Through the 4-H clubs, members spend many hours helping with community service projects.

    These can include playing bingo at the local nursing homes, cleaning parks, planting flowers and making cards for the men and women serving in the Armed Forces.

  • Election column strikes out on several fronts;many issues impacted Tell City election

    I’m having a problem with Stuart Cassidy’s article (Nov. 19 column titled “Dividing issues quantified in local election results”) in which he states the election results confirm the people of Tell City want the annexation to go through.

    In his article, he stated that council members were voted back into office based upon the annexation issue. The facts are:

    Councilman Chris Cail ran unopposed.

    Strike one.

  • ISTEP failures unfair to schools, students


    At Perry Central and in school districts across the state, educators believe that assessment is an essential tool to inform instruction.  High stakes tests such as ISTEP, have long been a concern for educators because of inherent problems, including delayed results and comparing students to other students instead of tracking growth.  This year the problems with ISTEP testing and scores are even more extreme.