• Bacon to co-sponsor bill to regulate CFOs

    Republican State Rep. Ron Bacon, who represents much of Spencer and surrounding counties in the Indiana House of Representatives, is co-sponsoring House Bill 1378 crafted by the Hoosier Environmental Council. Other co-sponsors include another Republican and two Democrats, illustrating good bi-partisan support.

    The bill has been submitted to the Indiana General Assembly, and would place much stronger regulations on confined animal feeding operations  or CFOs.

  • Yet-to-be financed Riverview’s coal-to-diesel plant is a destructive pipe dream

    On Friday, Jan. 25, I asked Greg Merle, president of Riverview Energy, whether his pipe dream of a toxic coal-to-diesel plant in Dale has any financing.  His answer was “I’m working on it.” 

    In other words, NO financing.  But what has his straw-to-gold scheme already cost the people of Dale and the rest of Indiana?

    Lincolnland Economic Development Corp. has, at taxpayer expense, bent over backward to court Greg Merle and his cronies. 

  • Thank You, P.C. Community Foundation

    On behalf of Tell City Jr.-Sr. High School, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who made the Cell Phone Smart event, which took place on Jan. 24, a success.

  • Thank you, EUCC Women’s Guild

    I want to give big Kudos to the Womens  guild for their efforts in supplying residents with smoke alarms.

    Where I  used to live before moving to Tell City,  the Volunteer Fire Dept. would annually go through the community and check peoples fire alarms and carbon monoxide alerts in people’s homes to make sure they were running correctly and   to make sure people had them in place. It was a great service and especially helpful to the elder community.

    People need to watch over each other. It is a good thing.


  • C2D: Confusing Direction?

    Brian Howey reported in a Sunday Evansville Courier & Press column of Jan. 6, 2019, that Indiana Manufacturing Association President, Brian Burton said, “45 percent of the Hoosier workforce will be retiring in the next decade.”   Gov. Holcomb has called this “the ‘silver tsunami’ with 10,000 American Baby Boomers retiring each week. Indiana will need to be filling a million jobs in the next 10 years.”

  • Leadership Class happy to help Sunset Park

    The 2017 Leadership Perry County Class chose upgrades to Sunset Park as their class project. Explaining to potential donors, “Sunset Park is such a widely used park by so many people.

  • Thank you, firefighters

    I want to thank our fire department and all who helped to contain the  recent tragic fire on 15th Street.

    Without their skills, and all the homes so close together, the entire block could have been destroyed. Thank you again.


    Mary Jo Voges

    Tell City

  • Riverview’s apologists are the foolish ones

    The recent letter by Daryl Hensley, “Don’t be fooled by health risk claims,” is wrong on nearly every count.

  • Too much power given to executive branch

    Leash-free dog park would offer benefits

    This is a proposal for a leash free dog park on a wedge-shaped piece of city property between the flood wall and Sixth Street, starting at Humboldt Street and proceeding north.

    It has become an urgent matter since the vacant land north and south of the River Pointe apartments has been slated for new development; therefore we need a special secure place for our dogs to exercise.

  • Dale has done its homework

    I understand some people’s concerns about the coal-to-diesel plant. It is the responsibility of the Dale Town Council to listen to both sides. We have to rely on IDEM’s report. If they approve the permit, by law that is what we have to go by. We do not discriminate against any company. We welcome any legal business.