• Events kicked off school year in style


    On behalf of the Cannelton, Perry Central and Tell City-Troy Township Schools, we would like to thank all the individuals, organizations and businesses that contributed to the success of this year’s back to school cookouts.  The turnouts were greatly supported countywide by thousands of students and families.

    Everyone enjoyed getting together with their friends, teachers and other Perry County families to kick off the new school year during these annual fun events.  

  • Kids Fest a success in Cannelton

    On behalf of Cannelton Elementary School, I would like to personally thank everyone involved in the success of our Kids Fest on Aug. 2.

  • Historical society awarded grant

    The Tell City Historical Society was among the first Heritage Support Grant award winners made available through the Indiana Historical Society.  The Tell City Historical Society will be making repairs to the exterior and roof of the current Carnegie Library building. 

    The society was awarded $19,115.

    The Tell City Historical Society is also fundraising for a required local match and interior water damage repairs and to continue the energy efficiency updates to the original part of the building.

  • I am confident that by working together, we can continue to make great strides to confront this public health crisis.

    Jeff Thomas, in “The Blind Leading the Clueless,” thoughtfully assessed the dilemma the American people face. I highly recommend patriots read and digest his article’s perspective which can be found at www.internationalman.com/articles/the-blind-leading-the-clueles.

    “They [our leaders] don’t want war, but are invading more countries than ever before in history. Political hopefuls are vague at best regarding their proposed platforms for action, yet they attack each other as though they’re reporters for the tabloids.

  • Stuff the Bus donations will help hundreds of students

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to Wal-Mart, Perry County News, CJ 105.7 and staff Cindi Taylor and Rob Nichols, all our dedicated volunteers and to all the generous donors who helped create another very successful “Stuff the Bus” school supply drive on July 22-23.

    On behalf of the United Way of Perry County Board of Trustees, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the residents of our community who helped support our tenth annual Stuff the Bus school supply drive for students in need.

  • More jobs for Hoosiers

    State Sen. Erin Houchin

    Guest Columnist


    Recent economic reports show Indiana’s economy continues to grow stronger. The state’s labor force participation is at its highest level since 2009, and private sector employment levels hover at an all-time high.

    These reports confirm what Hoosiers know to be true: Indiana is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

  • Supporters made team trip possible

    During the week of July 12-17, the Tell City High School Boys Cross Country Club went on a trip to Colorado. While there, we visited Great Sand Dunes National Park and Adams State University. Then we climbed Mount Elbert, the highest peak in Colorado. This was a great bonding experience for the boys as well a great week of training.

    This trip could not have been possible without the following sponsors: ARI, Tom McCart, Engineer  Associates, Dean Boerste, Thomas Glass, Dauby’s Body Shop, Double Diamond Supply, Kevin Waninger, The Post and Logos.

  • If Hillary wins, we’re all in trouble

    I read Mr. Adkins column and then I read it again. There seemed to be something missing. Then it hit me. With somebody as deceitful as Mrs. Clinton, there has to be more. With all the illegal, irresponsible things she has done, all the cover-ups, there has to be more. A lot more.

    But this was a fantastic article. I wish everybody would cut out the article and hang it on their ‘fridge’. Then when November rolls around take it down and read it over and over.

    Because if Hillary wins, we are in deep, deep trouble.


    Bob Preher

  • Thanks for making arts evening a success

    On Saturday, July 9, the Tell City Regional Arts Association hosted An Evening of Art at City Hall in Tell City. This first time event inside the building included wine and cheese tastings, displays of art by local artists and fellowship by all who attended.

  • Clinton the wrong choice for several reasons

    I would like to respond to the guest columnist of July 14, because I found several areas that were presented that were taken out of context, clearly, to misrepresent what the original author had said.

    The article was to address two basic concerns: 1) the contempt directed at Hillary Clinton; and 2) the reasons that a Trump election would be a mistake of epic proportions.