• An open letter to Huntingburg’s mayor

    Editor’s Note: Publication of this letter is an effort to keep the public informed about Riverview Energy, a proposed $2.5 billion coal-to-diesel plant near Dale. The city of Huntingburg has been approached over the possibility of it accepting wastewater from the plant should it be built.


  • Thanks for making fish fry a success

    The St. Paul Boy Scout Troop 192 would like to thank everyone who came and patronized them at their fish fry March 8 at the church parish hall.

    To those who couldn’t come but bought a ticket, thank you. It was a very successful event. The proceeds will help the boys attend summer camp. This year they plan to go to Camp Crooked Creek near the Louisville, Ky., area.


    Roy Mitchell


  • Taxpayers, watch TIF spending

    The Perry County News recently reported that there are expensive repairs necessary at the court house annex (the old armory building). I can not understand why we should get excited about this, after all the courthouse TIF, just like the PCDC, always has plenty of money.  They never have to worry where to get more funding because it magically appears in their account every tax season.

  • TC needs leash-free dark park

    Members of the Perry County Humane Society met with the Public Works Board of Tell City on March 4 to discuss a proposal for the establishment of a leash free dog park on city property between Sixth Street and the flood wall and starting at 600 Humboldt Street and proceeding north.

    Mayor Jim Adams and the board agreed to work on the proposal and have another meeting later. A board member said that this fence for the park would have to be 15 feet away from the wall to protect it from digging dogs.

  • Robotics teams appreciate the support

    The dictionary defines community as “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”

  • What is traditional diesel?

    There goes Ray Striegel writing about “traditional diesel fuel” again!  What is the definition of “traditional diesel fuel” in your world, Ray?

  • Crossroads pastor: we want your ideas

    Citizens of Perry County, I serve as Pastor of Crossroads Tell City, directly across from the old Armory at the corner of Tell and 33rd (the former Tell Street Baptist building). God has blessed us with growth over the last 3.5 years, and we are seriously considering purchasing the old Tell City Junior High School on Mozart, just a couple of blocks from our current location.

    We don’t want it only to be a place where we worship though; we really want it to be a blessing to the community.

  • Stop the dishonesty

    In response to Mary Hess’s letter to the editor, you are replying to a letter to the editor that is over a month old. I guess it took you that long to figure out how to mislead people.

    I did not say the American Lung Association endorsed the refinery. I said the ALA endorses ultra-low sulfur fuel, because it is better for human health than traditional diesel.

    So the fuel from this plant will be the diesel fuel of choice.

  • Council president should rethink his stance

    In response to the recent letter by Ray Striegel, his neighbors in Dale appreciate his clarifying claims about the American Lung Association, specifically, that it has not endorsed the proposed coal-to-diesel refinery.

    After reading his initial letter with its claims about the ALA, Southwestern Indiana Citizens for Quality of Life also confirmed that the ALA does not endorse the proposed refinery.

  • IDEM hearing wasn’t popularity contest

    Mr. Steen, I appreciate your article in the Jan. 28 edition of the Perry County News about Lincolnland Economic Development Corporations annual luncheon.

    However, I’ve noticed that in your article, and some others, that were written about this proposed plant, it has been reported that the opponents of the plant were “much better represented in the number of speakers at that particular venue,” speaking of course about the permit hearing in early December.