• Letter: Several resons more deputies needed

    Dear Editor:

    Are you aware of the growing problem concerning the safety of our county residents? The crime rate concerning drugs has steadily climbed in the area. I was raised in Evansville in the 50s and homicides were a rare thing. Now it is almost a daily item on our local TV channels. Owensboro is also experiencing the problem; and now, this problem is on OUR doorstep.

  • Thank you for supporting Norton’s Children’s Hospital



    To the musicians who came from Nashville, Tenn,. Kentucky, Pennsylvania: and the local bands who came from Taswell, Tell City, and Mooresville, In, for donating their time and talent.  Also Brandon Ingle, Debbie Lutz, John and Carla Kirby for their hard work all weekend. 

    We also want to thank the following people and businesses that donated items for the auction:

  • Making moral decisions on vaccines with an informed conscience

    The editorial in Monday’s Perry County News argues that there is no legitimate reason for avoiding the measles vaccine and that Indiana should make it difficult for parents to obtain a religious exemption to mandatory-vaccination laws, since avoiding vaccines is “seldom a religious issue” and is too often an “easy … excuse for parents who don’t want to vaccinate.”

  • 2019 Special Olympics had many helpers

    Special Olympics Perry County didn’t let a cool and cloudy Saturday ruin the spirit of the athletes, family, friends and spectators who attended our local track, field and bocce meet on Saturday, April 27.

    We would like to thank all that attended whether they were athletes, family, friends, volunteers, Knights of Columbus volunteers or the local merchants that made this day so special for all.

    A heartfelt thanks goes out to all. Thanks for your support for Special Olympics Perry County.


    Vicky Lutgring

  • Lip sync competition a big success

    The Renaissance class at Tell City Junior-Senior High School held its 12th annual lip sync competition at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 6. There were a total of 17 acts, ranging from Broadway musicals to heavy metal performances.

  • Laws should protect journalists

    Your April 8 editorial “Laws needed to protect journalists” appears to hit the nail on the head.

    During my lifetime when I read the newspaper, I generally found the news on page one. Articles were generally factual and to the point. They told me the news, they told me what happened, they told me what was said.

    If I wanted an opinion, I would look to page 2 and under the Editorial heading I would find the papers opinion or the editor’s opinion of what happened or what was said.

  • On Socialism: Part Two

    The worst evils that have been thrust upon man have come from big governments. What causes a government to kill its own citizens? Both socialism and communism require a commitment to the use of force.

  • Don’t Cry for me Venezuela

    Regarding the letter written by Mr. Adkins on April 01 discussing socialism, America, and poor Venezuela, I hope the editor will allow me to comment on some of Mr. Adkins’ more misguided conclusions and statements.

    To begin with, it is disingenuous, if not outright wrong, to take two individuals, in this case Ms. Cortez and Mr. Bernie Sanders, and suggest they are the face of the Democratic Party.

  • Community made soup supper a success

    Cornerstone Christian School just can’t thank the community, school parents and the Freewill Baptist Church enough for your generous support during our recent Soup Supper fundraising event! Thanks for  the donations of items for the  supper, your time and all of your hard work, it was a wonderful success!

  • Bunco for Girls State a success

    The Ladies Auxiliary of Cannelton Unit 142 wishes to thank the following merchants for their donations to our annual bunco for the Girls State Party: McDonald’s, Walmart, Papa John’s, Dairy Queen, Iron Gate Pizza, Alpine House, Lawson’s Bar and Grill, Barge Inn, Chicago’s Pizza, Grandma’s Little Treasures, Celebrations, Julie’s Café, McMario Pizza, McFall’s Meats and Subway.