• Larry Kleeman brings leadership qualities

    I would like to comment on D. J. Barrett’s letter concerning Larry Kleeman’s qualifications for Indiana State Representative. Although I do not know Mr. Barrett, I agree with his entire article.

    I have known Larry Kleeman for almost my entire life. Being the same age, Larry and I attended St. Paul’s Grade School and Tell City High School together and even roomed together while we attended college.

  • Bartels is our best choice for state rep

    Stephen Bartels is a man who knows how to get things done. His unique abilities are exactly what our community needs to represent our interests in Indianapolis.

    Too many politicians accomplish little, if anything, in the complex Indianapolis political environment. In his first five months as our freshman legislator, Bartels passed two bills unanimously! Such an accomplishment by a freshman legislator is remarkable in politics today.

  • Friends of the library grateful for support

    On behalf of the Friends of the Perry County Library, I would like to express appreciation to all who supported our recent silent auction. Many individuals and businesses have supported us in the past and we thank all of you, most especially the following businesses and individual patrons who generously participated this year:

  • ID cards for illegal immigrants won’t work

    Dear Editor,


    I read the illegal immigration article by Steve Obermeir in the Sept. 6, issue. Obermeir does a good job listing some of the problem with the current failed system.

    His proposal to computerize ID cards for illegals is too simple, in my opinion.

    I received a letter from the White House signed by the president. I wish to share it with your readers.


    Frank Sandage

    Tell City


    Dear Mr. Sandage,


  • More Rome Schoolhouse memories

    I went all eight years at Rome School. I read with interest Jim Fiedler’s memories about Will Mogan. I too would hear of Will riding his motor cycle standing on the seat. Will purchased a Harley Davidson from me and it could have very well been the one he was riding.

  • Girls 8-U team says thanks

    The Tell City Girls 8-U All-Star team finished their season at the end of July after competing in tournaments in Jasper, Ferdinand and Petersburg.

    The team would like to thank the League and following people and businesses for their generous donations: Susan Miller, Double Diamond Supply, D & S Transportation, Lutgring Brothers and Franzman Insurance. These sponsorships provided the team with shirts, entry fees and drinks for the team. We greatly appreciate the community support.


    Mike Maddle, Lisa Noble, Felicia DuPont

  • Schweizer Fest Pet Show a big success

    We would like to thank all of our volunteers and our vast community for the support they showed us for the Perry County Humane Society 2018 Pet Show held during Schweizer Fest. It was fantastic.

    We had the young, teens and the young at heart participating. The crowd was great and we signed up much needed new memberships.

    The animals were so very well cared for and behaved so well.

    All of them were healthy and beautiful. We had 17 dogs of every size, a cat, two rabbits, one chicken, three guinea pigs and one bearded dragon. Who could ask for more?

  • Kleeman will make fine state representative

    Why Larry Kleeman?

    As citizens of one of the world’s greatest democracies, Americans are blessed with a lot of local friends and neighbors who are willing to serve their country and who make good representatives of the people.

    But politics is not only about local candidates, rather, it’s about all of us; you, me, our children, our family’s future and what we see and value as decent and moral standards.

    This is why I support Larry Kleeman for Indiana State Representative.

  • Scouts’ pork-chop dinner was a success

    Recently, St. Paul Boy Scout Troop 192 held a pork chop dinner at 12th and Highway 37 to raise funds for their causes.

    Two men in particular were instrumental in helping the Scouts, Danny Toothman and David Edwards. Also, this community showed their whole-hearted supported by stopping and purchasing delicious dinners.

    The Scouts would like to say thank you to all these people who came and showed support. The funds will help for the future summer camp next year and before that, to help in purchasing Scout badges and other necessities. Thanks again.

  • Runners, stay safe on local roadways

    Every year around the end of July you see an increase in the number of joggers on the road. The Schweizer Fest Road race looms large to runners this time of year.

    It’s good to see the young and the older out exercising in the fresh air. I’ve run a number of road races myself and I understand the allure.