• We trust GE will do what’s right, but oversight needed

    Tell City leaders are proceeding in the right direction when it comes to seeking independent analysis of groundwater contamination likely to have come from the General Electric site.
    The city’s elected leaders should know the scale and seriousness of the issue and when it comes to the complicated issue of chemicals and concentrations, understandable information is needed.

  • State attorney general has chance at self-defense

    By several accounts, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill behaved irresponsibly, offensively and abusively at a late-night party at an Indianapolis bar after the last day of the General Assembly session in March.

    After hearing complaints about Hill’s behavior that night at AJ’s Lounge, four legislative leaders – including Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane, a Democrat from Anderson – did an internal investigation. The findings of the investigation were leaked and became news this month.

  • You can’t vote if you aren’t registered

    Voting season is upon us. As political tensions between parties heighten, it is important to remember the value your vote carries. Midterm elections are not often well attended, especially when compared to presidential years.

  • This Labor Day, we’re short on workers

    Created more than a century ago to honor the American labor movement and the hard work of millions of people from all walks of life, Labor Day 2018 arrives with a curious twist. Perry County needs more laborers.

    Good jobs exist and many pay well, but often go unfilled. Many companies hang “We are Hiring” banners in front of their locations. This newspaper has a range of employment ads in each issue and some companies resort to hiring bonuses in high-demand fields such as health care and transportation.

  • Clergy sex-abuse wounds far from healed

    A grand jury’s report detailing the sexual abuse of minors by more than 300 priests in several Pennsylvania dioceses has torn the scab from an old but unhealed wound within the Catholic Church, an institution that has done much in recent years to better safeguard its members from predator priests.

    Still, echoes of a sinful past remain, in which the crimes of pedophile priests were covered up and the priests themselves shuffled from parish to parish.

  • End the dirty war on a free press

    President Trump’s accusations of “fake news” and labeling journalists as “enemies of the people” aren’t just slaps to the faces of hard-working Americans but American democracy itself. And there is nothing fake about the danger.

    The slanderous labels repeated again and again in tweets from the White House and at rallies around the country have  become a potent tool of abuse and incitement against the First Amendment to our  Constitution. 

  • Indiana must pass a law on hate crimes

    In a case of good news coming out of bad, a heinous act in Hamilton County during the weekend may have been the tipping point for Indiana to finally pass hate crimes legislation.

    Passing such a bill should be a priority in the 2019 legislative session and would be long overdue.

    Vandals painted anti-Semitic symbols on the wall of property at Congregation Shaarey Tefilla on West 116th Street in Carmel. Nazi flags and iron crosses were painted on walls of a shed on the property and burn marks were also found nearby.

  • The pope and the death penalty


    Many Perry Countians are strongly pro-life and have long opposed abortion and euthanasia. The issue of capital punishment, however, is not as often included in calls to protect human life.

    Many of us honestly find it difficult to oppose the state-sanctioned execution of murderers and rapists. That’s why Pope Francis’ declaration last week that the death penalty is wrong in all cases created a real debate, as it should. It’s difficult to accept.

  • Help keep kids safe as they return to school

    With the upcoming school year fast approaching, it’s important to remember there will be several changes from our summer morning routines and being informed can go a long way to ensure safety.

  • Asking for a prepared NATO isn’t warmongering

    Despite criticism, the president is trying to steer us away from war. However, harsh comments from nearly every direction tries to point otherwise.