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  • Trunks of Treats
  • Manager: Waupaca carried us on their back

    By KEVIN KOELLING, Managing Editor

    TELL CITY – The Perry County Port Authority fared “pretty strong financially in August,” despite no barges coming in that month, Kevin Teague reported at the authority’s October board of directors meeting. And while operating revenues were low, overall, rail traffic was strong due to 75 cars moving for the Waupaca foundry, the port and governmental-affairs manager for the port-rail agency said.

    “Waupaca carried us on their back,” he said.

  • Recycling officials latest to question county-council budget moves

    By KEVIN KOELLING, Managing Editor

    TELL CITY – Officials with the Perry County Recycling Management District questioned again this year the county council’s role in determining the district’s budget and paying its employees.

  • Election law change confusing some voters

    PERRY COUNTY – A new state law that places only contested races on the ballot means that only some Tell City voters will be able to cast ballots Tuesday.

    In Tell City, where there are only two contested races, both for city council, only voters in four precincts will vote Tuesday. All three citywide races – mayor, clerk-treasurer and at-large city council – are uncontested. That means the names of Mayor Barbara Ewing, Clerk-Treasurer Jenny Richter and At-large Councilman Tony Hollinden will not appear on any ballots.

  • Afternoon harvest
  • Daylight saving time ends Nov. 6

    Don’t forget to turn your clocks back by an hour Saturday night. Daylight saving time officially ends early Sunday.

  • Ewing proud of 1st-term progress

    By VINCE LUECKE, Editor

    TELL CITY – Running unopposed in Tuesday’s municipal election in Tell City, Mayor Barbara Ewing is in her fourth year of office. The 55-year-old Democrat was elected in 2007 and previously served as clerk-treasurer from 1988 to 2007 and was deputy city clerk-treasurer from 1984 to 1987.

  • Current Poll Question: Will you vote in Tuesday's election?

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  • County fire departments receive DNR funds

    INDIANAPOLIS – Seventy-three rural and volunteer fire departments from 46 counties across Indiana have been awarded more than $310,000 in Volunteer Fire Assistance grants from the Department of Natural Resources, DNR Director Robert E. Carter Jr. announced last month.

    DNR Forestry administers the grants, which are made available through the U.S. Forest Service.

    DNR Forestry staff review grant applications and select recipients based on population density, acres of public wildlands protected and wildlife fire reporting to DNR Fire Control Headquarters.

  • County’s jobless rate declines one-half percent in September

    TELL CITY – Perry County’s unemployment dropped by half a percent in September, statistics released by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development show, with the percentage of jobless workers staying under the state average.

    An estimated 8.3 percent of county workers, 762 people in a projected work force of 9,228 men and women, were out of jobs in the month, down from 8.8 percent in August. The county had the 46th highest unemployment rate among the state’s 92 counties.