Why my home is in Tell City

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ERIC KEHL, Guest Columnist

The old saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side” has never held much credence with me. Society has trained us that we are never to be content with what we have. We must always be pursuing that next “thing” that will make us happy.

Many people think that living in a big city market where many more opportunities are offered to us will make us happier. When in reality, these same markets can make us even unhappier.

I have lived in Tell City since 1997. My wife and I moved here from Hawaii after I left the U.S. Army. One may say that moving from Hawaii to Tell City was quite a letdown. My response has always been that while Hawaii had a lot to offer, it was never what I would call home.

Home is where your family and friends reside. Home is where you know your neighbors, teachers, auto mechanic and Realtor. Home is where you can laugh, play and be yourself. Tell City has offered all of these things and more for me and my family over the years.

Now, do not get me wrong, there is no such thing as the “perfect place” to live. Tell City is not the end-all, be-all for everyone.

For me, Tell City gives my family and me the satisfaction that we want out of life. My hobbies, interests, and job may occasionally take me outside of Perry County, but, I still intend to live and raise my family right here.

Quality of life can be defined by how one views the level of satisfaction with one’s life. Everyone may have different measures on how they view their level of satisfaction. My measures tend to focus around family, entertainment, and community.

Oftentimes our measures change as we grow older in our lives. Regardless of our differing measures, we must focus on identifying them and improving them. Listed below are reasons why I am excited about living in Tell City.

• Family and Entertainment: Perry County is home to the Hoosier National Forest. Several times a year, my family will hike and camp at Lake Celina and Tipsaw Lake. Other times we attend our youth sporting events. Whether it is a practice or a game, we are always minutes away.

More importantly, my wife and I know the coaches personally. We feel extremely comfortable that our children will be left in good hands. Perry County has always been a big proponent of instilling strong family ties. Strong families usually imply strong traditions and loyalty. We have honest, hard-working individuals who are always willing to offer their assistance, no matter the task.

Our local retail stores give us personalized service. Our local hardware stores and supermarkets continue to amaze me with the level of customer service that I have come to expect. Our local schools are constantly producing top-level students. Their competitive curricula have produced test scores that continue to surpass those around the state. They emphasize leadership classes, college credit classes, and strong academic teams. Our kids are being taught by professionals who care about our children and community.

Community: Tell City is safe to walk the streets and sidewalks at night. Our business district and neighborhoods are clean with business owners and residents taking pride in their property. Tell City offers new and improved city parks and greenways. Additionally, regardless of your religious beliefs, we have strong Christian values being taught to both young and old. One can see this being demonstrated as we see them volunteering out in the community.

Every day I witness remarkable people volunteering their precious time. These people strive to make our community better. Without our civic organizations, social clubs and economic development efforts, our community will simply shrivel up. Lastly, Tell City offers close proximity between my home and my job, stores, schools, church and restaurants with little if any traffic. This allows me to spend more time with my family and friends.

I am proud to live in Tell City and Perry County. I honestly believe that we have something very special here. Our community continues to be led by groups of volunteers who strive to make our home a better place to live. We must all do our part to ensure our community continues to move forward.

We cannot leave it up to just a few individuals or government leaders to assure us the quality of life we want for ourselves and for our children.

Editor’s Note: This is one of an occasional series of guest columns from readers who have moved to Perry County or returned here after time away.