Tell City-English CCC Camp 2853 Accomplishments

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• From July to December 1935, the company collected 5 tons of seeds from 15 species of trees to send to the Forest Service nursery at Vallonia.  

• Fourteen buildings and three lookout towers were constructed.

• Seventy-five miles of telephone line from Paoli to English with branch lines to Spears Tower, Orange County Tower, West Fork Tower, Marchand Tower, Buzzard Roost Tower, the rock quarry and the two CCC camps, and then on to Tell City was built with poles creosoted at the English Camp. The job took 2,884 man days.

• The average enrollee gained 12 pounds during his stay at the camp.

• Two thousand posts were cut and creosoted.

• Hundreds of acres of erosion control work was performed.

• Six wildlife ponds were constructed.

• Many forest fires were suppressed and search-and-rescue operations were conducted for lost people.

• The German Ridge Recreation Area in Perry County, including 3.5-acre German Ridge Lake, was constructed, and its water system was installed.