Taxpayers, watch TIF spending

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The Perry County News recently reported that there are expensive repairs necessary at the court house annex (the old armory building). I can not understand why we should get excited about this, after all the courthouse TIF, just like the PCDC, always has plenty of money.  They never have to worry where to get more funding because it magically appears in their account every tax season.

We also have a marginal electrical service provider asking for tax abatement on a project which will employ no additional Perry County people, use no local goods or services and which will use a piece of property that could be put to much better use in almost any other way. Again I say, Why worry? It is not like the remaining taxpayers of Perry County have not seen this before.

Until and unless the elected leaders of Perry County get these things under control they will never get the county budget under control.


Dan Harding