Saint Mary’s Cemetery fund report released

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DERBY — The 2012 Saint Mary’s Derby Cemetery fund report has been re-leased.
Memorial contributions to the cemetery fund during 2012 were:
In memory of Anna Mary Hall, John and Donna Groves, $15.
In memory of Alma York, John and Connie Hargis, $5; Coretta York, $25; Robert and Betty Whitehead, $15; Walter and Mary Lambert, $20; Herman Eteinne and Mickey McMahon, $50; William and Mary Ewing, $20; Steve and Carol Richards, $25; John and Rita Werner, $40; Sue Miller, Don and Rebecca Etienne, $15; Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Labhart, $20; Alan and Sandy Ebelhar, $10; John and Jane Miller, $10; Lori, Bill, Neal and Leonard Cassidy, $60; Rome United Methodist Church, $20; Ramona Coomes, $25; Erna James, $20; Spencer Family, $30; Frances and Rita Etienne, $10; Scott and Kelly George, $10; Zelda Hundley, $50; Tim and Melody Hedinger, $5; Mark and Diane Parsley and family, Dale and Sonia Cassidy and family and Ola Cassidy, $60; Glenn Badger, $10; Sandage family, $20; Tony and Mandy Mogan, $25; Linda Weber, $5; Adam, Clayton and Nick Mogan and Scott and Deana Hubert, $20; Evelyn Berry, $10 and Bill and Marilyn Mogan, $20.
In memory of Betty Ramsey, Wanda and  Joseph Kramer, $100.
In memory of Sally Schaad, Bob and Mary Thomas, $10.
In memory of Billy Mogan, Art and Judy Meunier, $5; Scott and Janet Groves, $15; Tom and Jane Huber, $25; Dorothy Thomas, $25; Paul and Judy Biever, $20; Tony Fischer, $10; Walter and Mary Lambert, $20; Clarence and Malinda Genet, $20; Bob and Mary Thomas, $25; Tony and Mildred Bruggeman, $15; JoAnn Polster, $10; Billie Polster, $10; Robert and Betty Whitehead $20; Bobby Mogan Wilcher, $25; Shelly Davis and Elaine Thomas, $20; Alan and Nancy Schroeder $10; Pat Klueh, $5; Janet Gogel, $5; Morris and Betty Scheller, $10; Darlene and Erica Eckert, $10; Jennifer Land, $25; Paula and Barry Stiles, $10; John and Rita Werner, $50; Trish Edwards, $20; Derby Friends and Neighbors, $105; Cathy and Dan Hernandaz and family, $100; Sherry Badger and family, $100; Emmit and Sharon Morris, $100; Susie and Jim York, Steve, Stacey and families, $50; Frances Kellems, $20; Leona Cox, $50; Ken and Bernie Overstreet, $25.
In memory of Jane Kellems, Frances Kellems, $20.
In memory of Curt and Areitta Hardesty, Mary Hackle, $20.
In memory of Jim Caskey, Mrs. Caskey, $50.
In memory of Keagan Overstreet, Ken and Bernie Overstreet, $25.

Interment fees...........$1,250