Property-tax caps’ impact felt

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The News reported in May that property-tax caps signed into law in 2008 would reduce the amount of revenue available to local taxing units by $1,137,201, according to a report provided by County Auditor Connie Berger.

Her report, based on taxes collected in 2009 and going to local units of government in 2010, showed the total “circuit-breaker” loss for the Tell City-Troy Township School Corp., which suffered the greatest impact, to be $420,889. The city of Tell City suffered the next-highest loss at $280,659, followed by Perry County at $223,092. The city of Cannelton’s was to be $85,832 and that city’s school system would lose $61,113. The Tell City-Perry County Public Library was to see a reduction of $47,217.

Indiana voters answered yes when asked on their November ballot if they want the tax caps embodied in the state’s Constitution. Tell City-Troy Township School Superintendent Ron Etienne said he was sure that would be the outcome, and noted, “that will hurt us.” He and others had incorporated the circuit-breaker’s impact into budget planning, but he said he wasn’t sure how future budgets will fare.