News Web site has fresh look, features

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TELL CITY – The Perry County News Web site has a new look.

News parent company Landmark Community Newspapers Inc. is working to convert all of its papers to a new platform, and along with a slightly different look, the site offers features not available previously.

Among them are interactive features such as community forums and one in which people can nominate animals for “Pet of the Week” honors. Another feature will display headlines of most-popular and most-commented stories.

“As with any new system, there could be bugs that need to be worked out, but we hope readers will find our new site to be an im-provement,” Editor Vince Luecke said.

Like many other newspapers exploring options available via the Internet, The News is launching efforts to add video recordings to its reporting repertoire. “This is an area we’ve not had much practice with,” Luecke said, “so here, too, we hope readers will not be too critical as we grow.”

Some features, such as an online poll that has proven popular, are not as visible as they were on the previous system. It's available in the Opinion section. A new feature offering information on pets available at the Perry County Animal Shelter is accessible by clicking on the Pet of the Week, another interactive addition we invite readers to explore.

The company will eventually move its sites behind “pay walls,” which will give subscribers full access to the paper’s content.