Mt. Zion Christian Church welcomes new minister, to celebrate homecoming

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SANTA CLAUS – Mt. Zion Christian Church in Santa Claus would like to introduce Brother Richard Puryear as the congregation’s new minister. Puryear assumed the position this past June.

He has lived in various locations including Virginia, Chicago, Ill., and South Carolina. He earned his master’s degree of divinity degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1982. He has served as an associate pastor at First Baptist Church in Mooresville. In 1986, he accepted a position with Child Protection Services, working with families experiencing issues of neglect and abuse.
Then 24 1/2 years ago, he became a probation officer and has served God in that position, dealing with people who often do not attend church or even think about God and who struggle with direction in their lives. During his years as a probation officer, he has continued to teach Bible studies. For the past seven years, Puryear taught a men’s Bible study, Journeymen, at Crossroads Christian Church in Evansville.
He and his wife, Martha, have three children: Preston, who is attending Johnson University in Tennessee and two grown sons, Logan and Charlie. Puryear’s job has him living in the Indianapolis area during the week and commuting to his Southern Indiana home for the weekends. In the fall of 2013, he will retire from his job as a probation officer and said he is looking forward to retirement and an end to the weekly commutes.
Puryear came to Mt. Zion Christian Church with a simple vision, he said. “God wants so much more for me! No matter where you are in life, no matter how far away you are from God right now or how close and intimate your relationship with God is right now, God still has so much more He wants for us, for His children, for those who are in Christ. That’s the message God wants proclaimed and taught. That is my focus each Sunday morning.”
Mt. Zion will celebrate its 178th Homecoming Sept. 15. Puryear will bring the morning message and the congregation will have a carry-in dinner at approximately 11:30 a.m. The group, Harvestgold, will be in concert starting at 1 p.m.
Visit the church website at www.mtzioncc.org for more information on the church and service times.
Mt. Zion Christian Church is a nondenominational fellowship of believers who have no creed but Christ, no book but the Bible and wear no name but Christian.