LETTER:Third-graders learn about advertising

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Each year, third-graders in my classroom have ended our economics unit by designing advertisements for local businesses. This not only teaches the students about the significance of advertising, but also teaches them about the importance of providing crucial information, and editing their work and then editing it some more. 

I would like to thank the following local businesses for their continued support of this class project: Celebrations and Larky Flannagan, German American Bank and Neil Dauby, PSC and Jim Dauby, Dauby Body Shop and Mike Dauby, Fischer’s Furniture and Appliance and J.T. Hagedorn and Southern Indiana Power and Steve Seibert.

Without their financial support, our class would not have this amazing opportunity to create real-world ads.  

Congratulations to Claire Franzman, Emma Armstrong, Johnathan Kaufman, Mariya Reed, Bree Sodrel and Levi Smith for having their advertisements selected for print.

Joyce Stath

William Tell Elementary