Final election thoughts

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Whew! Another election is in the history books. While political contests normally stir excitement in this editor’s heart, this year’s races included all of that and more, including several doses of catching hell. Some thought we favored Democrats. Others called me a Republican and others called me things I wouldn’t want my mother to read on this page.

Politics and elections affect people differently. Some live and breathe politics with all their might. Others tune out and a few even run for cover.

I think we did a good job of putting candidates’ views out in the open. With more time, energy and resources, of course, we could have done more, but hindsight is easy.

Election Day is always exciting for me and last week’s was no different. Despite having two elections to report on – there were contested races in Spencer County – I took time to visit most of the polls, snapping photos and chatting with candidates and their supporters.

Election night was equally exciting, with winners and losers showing signs of surprise, joy and heartache. Emotions run wild and for me, it’s democracy at its finest. While elections aren’t always pretty or polite, they deposit power in the hands of the people.

I’m happy over this year’s candidates forums, held for men and women running for local elected offices including seats on the Tell City-Troy Township School Board. The crowds at each were large and we received good feedback. One suggestion we received was to have the forums a couple of weeks earlier, giving people who vote absentee a chance to hear from political hopefuls. That’s something we’ll consider next year before city races in Tell City, Cannelton and Troy roll around.

We’ll take time in coming weeks to talk about the accomplishments of outgoing leaders, but let’s start by saying thanks for the hard work office holders have given, Bob Collins in the prosecutor’s office, Ryan Daum on the county council and Gary Dauby, who will be leaving the board of commissioners. We also tip our hats to state Rep. Russ Stilwell as well as those leaving office after completing their second term, Sheriff Bob Glenn, Coroner Darrel Riley and Treasurer Martha Wooldridge.

Honoring Our Veterans

I normally don’t pay much attention to anonymous letters to the editor but one arriving last week about veterans is worth a mention.

“I am a combat veteran who was drafted, not volunteered. I did not choose to go to Canada to escape my responsibility and honor to lay down my life for my country and freedom. I’m very proud of our veterans, who now volunteer to lay down their lives. On Veterans Day, please thank a veteran.”

That’s good advice. We all know veterans. Take time Thursday to honor their service.