A Few Efforts That Deserve Recognition

After a little hiatus the Politics and Government Blog is back up and running. It’s great to be back writing for The News again. As always, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section!

            This blog entry is going to be a little different because it’s not going to be so much about politics as about the community. Over the last year, several residents and some government entities have done an excellent job improving our communities. I wanted to take a moment to recognize everyone who was involved in these efforts.

            During the spring, Perry County was visited once again by our old friend named Flood Waters. Several areas of the county were hit pretty hard. While the recovery will always continue, I wanted to note the excellent job done in cleaning my little town, Derby. I watched as flood waters slowly crept over the park and then Highway 66. After the waters receded, I was simply amazed at how quickly Derby got back to normal. The park was an absoluate wreck and in a short time it was impossible to tell anything had happened at all. My family very much enjoys the park and the rest of the little town, so good job to those who put forth the effort to clean it up quickly.

            Next I would like to congratulate Tell City on the bike and walking lanes it has been placing on the streets. This is a small but significant contribution toward improving the quality of life in the city. Our entire Perry County community should be promoting outdoor recreation. Perry County is in a unique position when it comes to this subject. Not every city or county in Indiana and northern Kentucky possess the natural beauty that we enjoy. Giving citizens and visitors yet another way to enjoy what nature has blessed us with is always a good idea.

            I would also like to recognize all the folks who did the movie nights at Sunset Park. I’ve talked to many local residents who really appreciated and enjoyed those evenings. I hope those events continue when warm weather returns to our area.

            Finally, I would like to congratulate Cannelton on its recent passage of a renter’s ordinance. Both sides of my family come from Cannelton. I lived there when I was very young and I have many fond memories. It saddens me greatly to drive through that small city and witness its decline. This new ordinance is one of several steps Cannelton has recently taken to recover from its slide. A handful of slum lords have taken advantage of economically disadvantaged people for too long in Cannelton. I’ve driven by some rentals houses and heard horror stories about others. The state of decay at some of these properties is astonishing. There is simply no excuse for what’s going on there. I know this has been a controversial subject for Cannelton. Consider this though; had these slum lords simply acted as decent human beings, no government intervention would have been necessary. They couldn’t even meet that low bar, which is a sad commentary on how they do “business”, if you can even call it that. Cannelton’s elected officials have a duty to protect their city and its citizens. Cannelton’s city officials did what was right for their citizens. They did what was right for their city. They deserve to be recognized for that.

            I know many people have done many things for our community over the last year. This is in no way an all-inclusive list. So, to everyone who strives to make our community a better place to live and work, I say thank you.