EDITORIAL: Your vote is your voice - Don’t give it away

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Will you vote in tomorrow’s election?

Many of us will. In fact, well over 1,000 people have already cast ballots in early voting.

Others of us will turn out tomorrow to choose from the men and women who want to represent us in a several important posts, including county sheriff, prosecutor, auditor, clerk, coroner, state senator and state representative and Congress.

Those are important positions as they impact the direction of local, state and federal government.

Sadly, many of us won’t vote. Some of us will choose to stay at home, pass by our voting booth to and from work and the grocery and dropping off the kids at school. We’ll let others do the voting. We’ll give our voice to others.

We’ve heard the reasons people give for not voting.

• My vote won’t count.

• I’m too busy.

• I didn’t register.

• It’s too big of a hassle.

• I don’t have a way to the poll.

• I don’t like the candidates.

• I really don’t care.

If you forgot to register, shame on you. Get registered today and vote in the next election.

Too big of a hassle? We agree casting a ballot isn’t as easy as it used to be. We were opposed to Indiana’s voter-ID law and still believe it keeps registered voters away from the polls. But it’s the law. Take your ID when you vote. If you don’t have one, Perry County’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch in Tell City will be open today and tomorrow. Not having an ID is no excuse for not voting.

The other excuses are equally hollow. Your vote will count. Elections here have been decided by a handful of votes and every vote is equal to every other. Our voting machines work and we know of no example where local votes were ever lost by a malfunction.

You’re too busy to vote? Really?

Early voting has been underway for weeks and continues until noon today. On Tuesday, polls will be open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Get up early and cast your ballot. Vote at lunch or after work. Make time.

Don’t like any of the candidates?

So what?

Most of us want to know or have some familiarity with the candidates we vote for. Of course, voting is a personal process and we want to vote for people who may think like us. But we can’t be friends with everyone on the ballot. Vote for the job you think they’ll do. If you don’t like candidates for any particular office, skip that race. You won’t jeopardize your vote.

If you need a ride to the polls, Democrats and Republicans will take you. Call Republican county Chairman Tom McCart at (812) 457-7709 or (812) 499-0889 or Democrat Chairman Dale Groves at 608-0166. Either man will work to ensure you have a ride to the poll.

If you don’t care who gets elected tomorrow, all we can say is you must have a low opinion of your self and our community to not care who represents you or who decides how much money you pay in taxes, where it’s spent, who directs the county sheriffs’s department, educates your kids, paves our county roads and decides all sorts of federal issues.

Voting isn’t mandatory. But is a privilege many on this planet don’t have. They often risk being intimidated, beat up or killed for voting. They pray for the right to vote and we too often don’t even bother.

Your ballot is your voice. Don’t give it up. When you wake up Tuesday, please go vote.

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