COLUMN: Make road run part of Schweizer Fest

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Guest Columnist

As Tell City prepares itself for another week of Schweizer Fest, the list of activities and events to attend and participate in can be quite overwhelming. We are lucky to live in a community that honors its heritage yearly, and by doing so, offers us so many ways to celebrate throughout the week. An event that has quickly grown to be one of the largest of the Schweizer Fest sporting events is the road run.

This year marks the 33th annual road-run event. The event draws runners and walkers from home and afar to participate in either the two- or six mile run-walk. There is also a two-block Kids' Fun Run, open to any child aged seven and younger. Last year’s event saw over 460 participants take to the Tell City streets. The goal this year to have more than 500 entrants.

As the community prepares for this year’s road run, I challenge you to come down to City Hall park on August 11 and run or walk in either the two- or six-mile event. I know some of you are thinking there is absolutely no way you can run 2 miles. Please know that while yes, there are several runners who participate, there is also a large crowd of citizens of Tell City that come strictly to walk in the event.

The event hosts men and women of all ages and ability levels, and there is no doubt that you will find your perfect niche while participating.

Entrants in this year’s event, just as in previous years, will receive a namebrand, high-quality, dri-fit shirt. Registration forms can be picked up at Hollinden Realty. Early registration costs $15, while late registration costs $20. I can promise that the shirts are going to be something that participants will continue to wear. Can you imagine wearing a road run shirt around town and have everyone know that you chose to participate? How cool would that be?

There are numerous benefits to participating in this annual sporting event. For starters, you will be a part of the largest athletic event hosted during Schweizer Fest. By choosing to participate in the event, you will also be choosing to participate in a healthy event and helping to set a good example for those around you. Take your friends. Take your son or daughter in a stroller. Take your children and let them participate in the two-block Kids’ Run.

Take your older children to walk with you in the 2 mile. Take your old high school friends that are in town for a reunion. Take someone you work with or someone that goes to your church. Just take people. Events like this are much more enjoyable when you can share the experience with friends and family.

Here’s to hoping to see you downtown Saturday.

Chinn is one of the organizers for the road run.