Column: High hopes for the new year

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Though these words take shape on the Thursday before New Year’s, I find myself with feelings of anticipation and even tinges of excitement as 2011 nears.

I’m reminded of how many things I’ve yet to do before the new year chimes in. I have a to-do list not quite as long as the one Santa tended to, but daunting nonetheless. I want to clear my desk of paper, put files strewn about for weeks in their proper places and dust shelves. I want to enter the new year at least halfway organized.

I won’t list any specific resolutions to public scrutiny since my plan to lose weight over the past couple of months fell about 80 percent short of my goal. Alas. If resolutions were that easy to keep, we wouldn’t make much of a fuss about them. On my list of things to do are general goals of spending more time with family and friends, finding time to read more and to lose some weight.

With luck I’ll be able to return to Germany this spring or early summer, resuming an annual tradition I broke the past two years.

But there are more important goals than jetting off for a week or 10 days. I want to be somewhat better to myself and while I enjoy staying busy, stress is taking its toll somewhere inside me. That means learning to enjoy life more often before another year speeds by. It seems like only a few months ago that I was assembling the year’s big stories at the end of 2009.

Thanks to all those who have helped make the year a good one for me and the newspaper: readers, advertisers and everyone who has offered ideas, suggestions, compliments and the occasional complaint and correction.

I show up most days eager and excited to serve as editor and I feel privileged to have a front-row seat to life here in Perry County. It’s a job I take seriously.

The coming months will bring what every year does, good news and bad, but I hope the headlines for us all are positive.