Another peek in the mailbox

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By Vince Luecke

When it comes to their reading interests, Perry Countians' tastes are varied, but I'm grateful this newspaper remains by far the most widely circulated publication in these parts.

That's no surprise to you, perhaps, but for those of us whose livelihoods depend on putting out a publication people still want to subscribe to, a high circulation offers some solace, especially in uncertain economic times.

The Audit Bureau of Circulation, better known as ABC, but no relation to the television network, has released its latest batch of circulation figures for publications across the nation, including newspapers and 25 leading magazines.

The News receives a copy of the ABC report each year through its parent company, Landmark Community Newspapers Inc.

The data show The News reaching more than 82 percent of the estimated 7,500 homes in the county, a level of penetration many newspapers can only dream of. We're grateful for the support but know we have to continue publishing a product you want and find relevant.

On behalf of everyone here at The News, thanks for taking the time to pick up this paper and to read this column and hopefully most of the rest of what's on today's pages. Thanks also goes to our advertisers who, along with our readers, have made our twice-weekly newspaper possible for the past 118 years.

A good number of Perry Countians subscribe to daily papers, or plunk down quarters each day for their copy of the Evansville Courier & Press, Louisville Courier-Journal or The Herald.

Outside reporters, newspaper and television, only visit on occasion, usually when something big (and often bad) is happening. We're here every day, reporting news, sharing stories about your friends and neighbors, keeping you up to date on local government and covering the local sports scene. That's what we'll continue doing.

The ABC charts circulation of the magazines Perry Countians are reading. As in past years, AARP The Magazine leads the list with 1,479 issues delivered to 19.7 percent of mailboxes in the county.

Other magazines, circulations and penetration percentages:

Readers Digest, 780 subscribers, 10.4 percent

Better Homes and Gardens, 425 subscribers, 6.3 percent.

Ladies Home Journal, 406 subscribers, 5.4 percent

Good Housekeeping, 356 subscribers, 4.7 percent

Women's Day, 332 subscribers, 4.4 percent

Family Circle, 307 subscribers, 4.1 percent.

TV Guide, 124 subscribers, 2.4 percent

Sports Illustrated, 175 subscribers, 2.1 percent

Prevention, 148 subscribers, 2.8 percent

Redbook, 115 subscribers, 2.2 percent

National Geographic, 114 subscribers, 2.2 percent

I've not kept all the past ABC reports, but some magazines have fallen out of the top 25, including U.S. News and World Report. Time has 140 subscribers in the county while Newsweek has 77 subscribers. I suspect those numbers have declined, too.

Also off the list this year is Smithsonian and Playboy.

Election Day

No matter who wins in what offices, tomorrow will be a day to remember. Since I'll be working most of the night, I have my digital video recorder set to capture the entire night so I can watch it later in the week.

Don't forget to check out this Web site, www.perrycountynews.com, for local election results. We'll break the vote down precinct by precinct in Thursday's edition.