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The Roadmap to Where?

The Roadmap for America’s Future is the name of the budget plan produced by a guy most people have never heard of, a Congressman from Wisconsin named Paul Ryan. If the current political polls hold true and the Republicans take over Congress, Paul Ryan will be the chairman of the Budget Committee in the House of Representatives, which is why you need to know his name and what’s in his plan.

Calling All Tea Partiers and Progressives

One of the goals I had when I applied to be a blogger here at the Perry County News was providing a forum for and encouraging debate. I would like to see more discussion of various political topics in our community because I believe the debate causes people to become more informed and informed voters are the best voters.

            So I’ll initiate a discussion here. A few rules first.

Quran Burnings, The War on Terror, and American Idiots

            A few religious zealots in Florida are perhaps poised to cause major problems in United States foreign policy as they hold a book burning for all to see. Their actions will most likely give other extremists, like Osama Bin Laden, more ammunition to use against the United States in his ongoing public relations battle with our nation throughout the Muslim world. And that’s what terrorism is about mostly, a public relations battle.

Why Double-Down on Trickle-Down?

           The Figure 1 graph, courtesy of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, illustrates what the Congressional Budget Office says will be our budget deficit over the next 10 years. Notice that dark orange section in the middle? That’s the Bush Tax Cuts of 2001-2003. If extended in their entirety, as some conservative politicians are calling for, they will account for a whopping percentage of the budget deficit by 2019.

Is Obama one of the most radical liberals ever?

I would like to welcome everyone to my Politics and Government Blog. This blog will give local citizens a chance to discuss and debate current public policy issues and political events. I’ll be making entries on local, state, and national issues. I look forward to your comments and discussion. I hope it will be lively and informative.

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