Old Fights and States Rights

Some people seem determined to rekindle old fights, no matter how long ago they began or how decisively they were decided. The 150th anniversary of the Civil War is this year. It is a dark reminder of where our country once was. Some folks are already attending Secessionist Balls and there will no doubt be countless Civil War battle reenactments for the next few years. I’m fine with all that. History can be celebrated without glorifying the evils behind historical events. However, I am bothered by a political parallel occurring alongside these historical celebrations.

What The Chamber of Commerce Wished For vs. What You Voted For

Economic Segregation and Education Reform

Mitch's Local Government Reforms

One of the general goals Governor Mitch Daniels laid out in the days following the election was the implementation of the recommendations contained in the Kernan-Shephard Report. This report presented a number of ideas on how to reform and modernize county and local governments. While the effort was legitimate, the answers the Kernan-Shephard Commission ultimately offered are unacceptable.

And Away They Go!!!

Indiana Republicans held their “Organizing Day” today in Indianapolis. All of the new Republicans legislators were sworn in. Last week, Governor Mitch Daniels laid out a general idea of what his agenda will be for the next two years, well besides running for President of the United States (I’ll address his ideas in more detail in the next blog). Mitch said he favors calling a “truce” in the war over social issues. Well, maybe Mitch does, but those old war horses in the Republican Caucus have other ideas.

The Next Congress (Warning: Sarcastic Content)

Early Wednesday morning, we’ll all wake up and the television ads will be different. Non one will have to "approve this message". Our mail boxes will seem a little empty. And, all the little political yard sign gardens will be gone. The election will have come and gone and the time for governing will begin. So what kind of governing are we going to see?

Election Predictions (Updated)

           So a political blog wouldn’t be a political blog if it didn’t do an election forecast. Writing up your personal predictions for the world to review is state law (Bob and Tom fans will get that joke). So without further delay, here we go.

Gerrymandering and the 2010 Election

            As the 2010 general election quickly approaches, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some factors affecting the election that most non-political junkies don’t consider, or even know about in some cases.

School Referendum Open Blog

Many people in Tell City/Troy Township are talking about the school referendum. This website seems to be a natural place for such discussion. I invite everyone to discuss this issue in the comments section. I am generally for anything that furthers education, including preventing our public schools from falling down around the students ears. But, I don't live in Tell City, so this issue is up to the voters there. What do you think?

C'Mon Man!

Those folks who know me will tell you that two of my favorite things in life are football and politics. One of my favorite football punditry programs is Monday Night Countdown. It’s not because I enjoy 2 hours of 4 guys talking about how wonderful Tom Brady is (by their calculations, he should already be in the Hall of Fame). I simply enjoy the little humor segments they do. My favorite is “C’Mon Man!”

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