Republican Legislators Go For Groceries, Forget the Milk

Justice Finds Osama Bin Laden

Justice was finally served on Osama Bin Laden. It took many years and lots of hard work by thousands of people whose names we will never know. This is a great victory in our war on terrorism. Many people and agencies deserve credit.

            This is a big and much needed victory for the CIA. It is no secret that the CIA’s failures are publicized far more than its successes. This is one of the few times the public gets to witness a CIA success, and it is a big success.

Perry County Moving to 8th Congressional District, Getting New Congressman

White's Troubles Provide Chance for Election Reform

Yesterday in Indianapolis, a Marion County judge ruled that a Democratic Party challenge to Secretary of State Charlie White’s eligibility to be a candidate for that office was valid and should be heard by the Indiana Recount Commission. Republicans are fighting this one very hard despite the fact that White has been charged with 7 felonies related to his using of a false address on his voter registration forms. If this were any other official in any other office, I’m guessing the Republicans Party would force White to go away, but they can’t do that on this one.

What Do You Think About A Government Shutdown?

We are quickly approaching the deadline for a federal government shutdown. Personally, I wonder why budget deficits only matter when we're talking about programs that help working people? When Donald Trump wants a tax cut, in the words of "Buckshot" Dick Cheney, "deficits don't matter".


What do you think?

Shared Sacrifice and the Assault on Workers

Let's Keep Church and State as They Are, Separated

It’s been an odd day. Every time I decided what to write about today, the story changed on me. First, I thought I’d write about the proposed “Right to Work” law in the Indiana legislature. Then Governor Mitch Daniels declared it dead.

Progressives and Tea Partiers work together....and Survive

Progressives and Tea Party members are working together. No, hell hasn’t frozen over (although people in northern Indiana might beg to differ). Last night, I attended the first in a series of debates or Community Dialogue Sessions cosponsored by Southern Indiana Democracy for America and the Tri-State Tea Party Alliance. The meeting took place at the Central Library in Evansville, IN.

Repost: Rep. Ryan's Roadmap for America's Future

This is a blog I wrote back in September on Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan. Ryan is now the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and was given the privilege of giving the Republican State of the Union Response Tuesday night by his Republican colleagues. Ryan's plan was also endorsed last week by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Meet the Press.


On Domestic Terrorism and the State of Political Discourse

Editor's Note: This is a repost of a blog entry Coyle wrote back in September, but he thought it would be a good time to bring it back up since the House Republicans made Paul Ryan their face on Tuesday night.

"Terrorism is the deliberate, negligent, or reckless use of force against noncombatants, by state or non-state actors for ideological ends and in the absence of a substantively just legal process.”-Dr. David Rodin, Oxford University

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