Today's Opinions

  • United Way supports the Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army Perry County Service Extension unit is proud to be a United Way of Perry County partner.

    The primary goal of The Salvation Army Service Extension program is to provide emergency financial assistance to people in need throughout the community.  The funds allocated to our program by the UWPC, combined with other money raised through our kettle fund-raising campaign, allow our local office to offer financial assistance for basic needs such as medical, food, energy, rent, and transportation expenses. 

  • Remembering canine Cito




    First, I want to say congratulations to officer Shadwick on becoming TCPD’s K-9 handler. He is about to enter a stage of his career that will take him to a different and exciting phase of law enforcement.

  • Renegades ... till the shooting starts




    For my folks, raising nine kids on the farm was an uninterrupted joust with poverty, leaving more bills to pay than hogs to sell. While I never heard Dad brag on pork prices, hogs would mature and be of some value, however paltry.

    In the spring when pigs were weaned, they were moved to a partially wooded lot to be “fattened out” and contained by an electric fence … of sorts.

  • Members of Congress need to spend more time on Capitol Hill

    Lee Hamilton

    Guest Columnist


    When Paul Ryan became House Speaker a few weeks ago, he made it clear that he has no intention of spending too much time in Washington. His wife and children are in Wisconsin, he pointed out, and he plans to commute. “I just work here,” he told CNN, “I don’t live here.”

  • Why I’m leaving public education




    This is the first of three columns about my decision to quit teaching. Part one is mainly about my reasons regarding the opinions of educators and state policy regarding education. Part two will be about my decision to go from teaching to factory work. Part three will be about my experience at Cannelton and general thoughts on teaching practices.

    I’ll try my best (and fail) to keep these articles focused.

  • Still time to help United Way




    My name is Mallory Gee and I am co-chairperson of the 2015 United Way of Perry County annual fundraising drive along with Andy Hollinden.

    We just wanted to take some time to thank everyone in the community for not only your hard work, but your support as well.

    To be part of a community like Perry County, is such an honor. One desire we all share at United Way, is growing our community and making it a better place for our children and future generations to live in.

  • United Way supports 4-H

    The Perry County 4-H Council would like to thank the Perry County United Way for its support of our  program.   4-H continues to  help many young people gain the leadership skills needed to mature into responsible adults. 

    Through the 4-H clubs, members spend many hours helping with community service projects.

    These can include playing bingo at the local nursing homes, cleaning parks, planting flowers and making cards for the men and women serving in the Armed Forces.

  • Election column strikes out on several fronts;many issues impacted Tell City election

    I’m having a problem with Stuart Cassidy’s article (Nov. 19 column titled “Dividing issues quantified in local election results”) in which he states the election results confirm the people of Tell City want the annexation to go through.

    In his article, he stated that council members were voted back into office based upon the annexation issue. The facts are:

    Councilman Chris Cail ran unopposed.

    Strike one.