Today's Opinions

  • Why not the Donald?





    If you like presidential politics, this is the year for it. If you have waited until now, it may be to late.

    Last July, the media was promoting Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush as the final match for the presidential election next fall.           

  • Boxcar confession: We wuz robbed

    Jim Adkins

    Guest Column


    My wife and I took a journey back in time a few weeks ago. The escape mechanism wasn’t a DeLorean DMC-12, but rather a train, the French Lick Scenic Railway to be precise. It was an old train, though of what vintage I am unable to say, lets just be satisfied that it was mature.

  • Is Congress OK with being weak?

    Lee H. Hamilton

    Center on Congress


    Not many people outside of Capitol Hill paid attention last month when the congressional leadership released next year’s legislative schedule. Its headline feature is a strikingly long summer recess: half of July and all of August, along with a few spotty weeks of work before the November election. In all, the House will be in session for less than one-third of the year, and the Senate only a bit longer.

  • No more summers off




    This is the second of three columns about my decision to quit teaching. Part one was mainly about my reasons regarding the opinions of educators and state policy regarding education. Part two is about my decision to go from teaching to factory work.

    Part three will be about my experience at Cannelton and general thoughts on teaching practices. I’ll try my best and fail to keep these articles focused.

  • African violets offer long-lasting winter bloom

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    I have always managed to do well with African violets. I generally keep them in bloom year round. Many complain that after the first flush of blooms fades, the only thing left is a year’s worth of fuzzy foliage.

    Well, with a little attention you can keep your African violet cycling in and out of bloom all year. The key is to create a favorable growing environment.

  • 4-H council appreciates community support

    The Perry County 4-H Council would like to take to opportunity to thank the council members, Junior Leaders, Fairgrounds, local 4-H clubs and everyone that helped with the dinner and auction that was held on Nov. 7, 2015.

    Your support is greatly appreciated and a great help to the program.

  • Please support Kiwanis food basket project

    The Christmas season is upon us, and it is time to turn our thoughts to giving, especially to those less fortunate than ourselves.

    On behalf of those less fortunate, the Tell City Kiwanis Club is once again organizing the distribution of baskets of food to needy individuals and families throughout the Perry County area.

    Your past cash contributions have enabled the Tell City Kiwanis Club to successfully carry out the Christmas Basket Project for more than 65 years. Now we ask again for your help in making this possible for Christmas 2015.

  • Workforce development grant good news all around

    The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs’ awarding a $250,000 workforce development grant to the City of Tell City, along with the Perry County Business and Industrial Development Corp., last week is good news for our community for several reasons.