Today's Opinions

  • Meth has us in a big mess

    I'm tired of writing about methamphetamine. I'm sick of hearing about the drug and the police reports and telephone calls about people caught making it, using it or buying the ingredients that make the stuff.

  • Give Schweizer Fest play a chance

    We editorialized last summer that adding more events to the Schweizer Fest would help increase attendance at Tell City's annual celebration. So we were pleased to hear that the 2008 fest will include a musical play again after none was held in 2007 for the first time in 21 years.

    The play chosen for this year is "1776," a story about the founding of the United States that was generally well received when it was released as a Broadway play and a movie.

  • Nature always reigns supreme

    I nearly bit the dust the other day. Or should I say I nearly bit the ice. I was walking down the sidewalk from my house to the mailbox with letters Sunday evening when my right foot found a small patch just a few inches in width. Both feet suddenly came out from under me, the letters in my hand flew skyward and I came crashing down back first on the hard concrete.

  • Local legislators should support proposed voting centers

    The Indiana Senate passed Senate Bill 235 last week. If adopted, the law would allow counties to create new voting centers which would let residents cast their ballots at one location, regardless of which precinct they live in.

  • Heart disease can strike any time

    The elderly man hunched over from age, shuffling down the sidewalk. The older lady in the wheelchair with oxygen feeding through her nostrils.

    Those are the faces of heart disease in America, aren't they?

    Look at the face on this column mug. A healthy-looking 40-year-old woman. That's also the face of heart disease and a heart-attack survivor.

  • Reports offer Hoosiers snapshot of how well their schools perform

    Each year, the Indiana Department of Education, schools and newspapers across the state work together to publish education report cards for our local communities.

    The annual performance reports are one part of a continuing effort to encourage Hoosiers to become more knowledgeable about their schools and for schools to become more accountable to the public they serve.

    The reports include the most recent data available on test scores, attendance and graduation rates, school safety, teacher salaries, expenditures and more.

  • Developing a vision for the future

    I suspect I'm not alone in occasionally pondering what Perry County may look like one or two decades from now.

    A recent meeting of the Perry County Convention and Visitors Bureau, reported on the front page of Thursday's News, sparked my imagination yet again with discussion of how the county's location in the state and its good highways give it advantages in attracting tourists.

  • Tax rebates will help, but nation needs lasting economic recovery

    By midyear, close to 35 million American families should have a little extra cash to spend, thanks to a quickly negotiated plan of tax rebates our government's leaders hope will stimulate a teetering U.S. economy.