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  • LETTER: Fellow attorney supports Hoch candidacy
  • LETTER: Community joins together to aid festival

    The Cannelton Foundation thanks the following businesses and individuals for making the 2014 Heritage Festival a success:

  • COLUMN: GOP had hand in controversies

    Guest Columnist

    I read with great interest Dan Harding’s letter in the Oct. 20 issue. I feel some of his assertions about voting Republican because of what President Obama has done must be  countered.

    On Obamacare, did Mr. Harding ever think about calling it the Affordable Care Act since when that name is used people aren’t as opposed to it? Do you think we could have carried on as we were over the last two decades with health-insurance premiums going up the way they were? Something had to be done.

  • COLUMN: Leaving a little for others


    Editor’s note: This column first appeared in October 2002.

    Thriftiness is still looked upon as an admirable trait by most of us, a virtuous golden mean between the excesses of being wasteful on one hand and miserly on the other.

  • EDITORIAL: Encrypted smartphones good way to keep government, hackers from violating privacy

    Some photos that were meant to be private were recently hacked off several celebrities’ cell phones and published on the Internet, causing the celebrities embarrassment and a feeling that their privacy had been violated.

    Now some companies that make the operating systems for such phones are ready to market them with encryption that would make such privacy breaches virtually impossible. But FBI Director James Comey said Oct. 16 that he is against such encryption.

  • Political arguing replacing baseball as nation’s pastime


    For the longest time I’ve been searching for motivation to express an opinion I hold dearly. A recent article appeared that truly makes me disappointed in our country. As we sit around and throw out harsh accusations towards candidates, it slowly reveals the voting nature of this nation.

  • Acchiardo comments made at forum were offensive


    Jason Hoch is currently running for prosecutor against Rod Acchiardo. Jason is employed by Huber, Goffinet & Hagedorn law office and has been for several years.

    If you attended the recent candidate forum or read the Monday edition of the News, you undoubtedly saw that Mr. Acchiardo took it upon himself to state that Jason was running for prosecutor because he “works for Chris Goffinet, who is a cheapskate who apparently doesn’t pay him nearly enough money.”

  • GUEST COLUMN: Scared to death




    Back when I was in my 20s, I liked to hunt. Oh, I wasn’t much into big game like Teddy Roosevelt or Ernest Hemingway on safari. No, I was more like Elmer Fudd trying to outwit Bugs Bunny. I especially liked to get out after a good snow and traipse about. There is something about the pristine freshness of a new snowfall that I’ve always found alluring.