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  • A simple eulogy for an old friend




    In the early morning hours of February 27, I lost a dear and close friend to the Next World. At that time, William Nathan Hintzen departed this world and entered the Great Unknown accompanied by his faithful canine companions.

  • Elagabalus and second chances

    Vince Luecke



    editor@perry countynews.com

    A professor teaching a college classics class once asked his students to research a person or event from Roman history that took place on their birthdays.

  • Super delegates complicate nomination process

    It’s about time the Democratic party extinguishes the unjust firestorm it started when it implemented super delegates into the primary election system. Designed to infuse more voter performance in the voting system, it has worked to ignite more controversy.

    Coming off a disastrous loss against Ronald Reagan in the 1980 election, a committee within the Democratic National Convention implemented new rules so party elites would have a better chance at choosing a worthwhile candidate. Reagan had decimated incumbent Jimmy Carter and the DNC did not take it lightly. 

  • Sheriff, others help with animal issues

    Since my retirement, I have been involved with animals by helping at the animal shelter and being barn manager for Horse Rescue South. It keeps me busy but its something I love to do.

    Every situation with animals is different, and sometimes I wonder what I’m getting myself into but I continue doing it. 

    Recently, while at the shelter, a call came in from a lady in the county that she had a basset hound that had come to her house and she wasn’t able to care for the dog or give it the help it needed.

  • Classified forest tax increase unfair

    With the ink barely dry on the latest tax increase in Perry County, the March 7 edition of the Perry County News reported on yet another proposal to increase taxes. This time, through, its the reassessment of the value of land kept in Indiana’s Classified Forest Program.

  • Potato planting time nears

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    Spring break from teaching at the University of Louisville falls conveniently during the week of St. Patrick’s Day; which is also my target date for planting onions and potatoes. 

    I typically manage a mid-March planting but the condition of the soil is my primary concern.  I will not start digging until the soil dries out and is considered workable.

  • Only annexation winners are lawyers

    Over $200,000 has been spent from the public coffers. This represents tax money that has been spent in your name to force people into the city limits of Tell City. Shame on you, Tell City. You let this happen. That money could have been spent on new police cars or decent radios for the cops. Or it could have been used for a new compactor trash truck or potholes.

  • What about grants for our healthcare?

    In life there are not any dumb questions. However, honorable mention may go to (County Councilman) Steve Goodson at the recent council meeting.

    Mr. Goodson asked “if there were any grants the health department was using that could cover the cost?” of the county’s portion of health insurance.

    Please pass along to Mr. Goodson that when he finds those grants or large subsides, that he share that information with all of us currently struggling to pay our individual healthcare premiums.


    B.E. BaCey