Today's Opinions

  • What are candidates thoughts on annexation?

    It looks like the annexation situation will not be resolved during the present administration. So I think we should ask questions of the candidates.

  • Women’s softball league says thanks

    The Tell City Women’s Softball League would like to thank everyone who helped make its 2015 season another successful one:

    • The city recreation department crew, headed by Jimmy Toothman and Chris Hagedorn, for getting the field ready for each night’s games

    • Team sponsors Alpine House, Cash Waggner & Associates, EverBody’s Fun & Fitness Center, Medcalf Construction and Tri-State Service & Maintenance

  • Perry County Museum Edelweiss Ball a huge success

    On behalf of the Perry County Museum members and the board of directors, I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who attended the second annual Edelweiss Ball and to the businesses and industries for their gracious support of the  museum’s number one fundraising event.

  • Editorial: Social insurance is a legacy worth preserving
  • Lessons learned in government squander

    Those who lead this nation and its offices are entrusted to spend our dollars wisely. So when officials feel hoodwinked, there is a duty to recoup lost revenues. But bad business decisions on their part, made on blind faith and a strong brand, should not be fodder for federal court – especially when the institution reaped the benefits, at least in the moment.

  • Obama’s clean power plan flawed

     “On Wednesday, June 24, Gov. Mike Pence wrote a letter to Barack Obama stating that if the EPA’s final Clean Power Plan was not ‘demonstrably and significantly improved’ from the proposed plan the EPA issued June 2, 2014, that Indiana would not comply with the rule.”  

  • It’s not too late to set out a fall garden

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    I am planting a fall garden for sure this year. The current one is a flop, so it is time to start over. The challenge with a fall garden is getting seed and seedlings to germinate and grow during the heat of the end of summer.

  • Without power but not confidence

    Tuesday evening, Aug. 4, a young hurricane bullied its way through the Bandon area pilfering our electric. I immediately called Southern Indiana Power and reported the outage. This was shortly before 6 p.m.

    About 4 ½ hours later, nearly all the lights and appliances that had gone off at 6, alerted us the outage was over. As I was resetting the blinking clock on the microwave, it occurred to me that we had never doubted we would not get our electricity back.

    I realized we had been taking our reliable electric service for granted.