Today's Opinions

  • Hey, Donald: You almost had me

    Luke Thomas

    Guest Columnist


    I’ll admit it, Donald, you had me. Well, you almost had me.

    You’re a successful businessman. You tell it like it is. You’re anti-establishment. Plus, you’ve got great hair. Oh yeah, and you’re really rich. I mean, what’s not to like about that?

  • Comments misrepresented annexation opponent’s statement before city council

    This letter is in response to the article written by your reporter, Jake Bethel, appearing in Thursdays paper. He totally misrepresented me in that article. The council asked that you give your name and address before you spoke. On the way to the microphone, I asked if they wanted my legal address or the address of the property that was being annexed. They said, “The property being annexed” This property has been in my family for approximately 100 years.

  • Fond Holy Week memories

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com


    Editor’s Note: This Easter column was first published in March 2005.


    For a young altar boy worn out by a two-hour service in a packed parish church, the woman’s words were as refreshing as the nighttime air flowing around his black cassock.

  • Derby residents get things done and do them right

    We are happy to see Perry County communities thrive and grow, and that’s certainly been the case recently with Derby. Located on the Ohio River and able to trace its history back for more than 150 years, the small town is bustling with new projects and committed civic involvement.

  • Plants grow in soil and, it’s true, dirt gets under your nails

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    With spring just around the corner I thought it was time to brush up on some garden nomenclature. I have long been convinced in the value of understanding more about plants then the mere fact that they need sun, soil and water.

  • Sadly, Indiana pioneered eugenics

    By Andrea Neal

    Guest Columnist


    Long before Adolf Hitler espoused his ideas about a master race, Hoosier scientists advocated selective reproduction to improve the gene pool.

    Indiana Gov. J. Frank Hanly signed the nation’s first eugenics law in 1907, mandating sterilization of certain “criminals, idiots, rapists and imbeciles” in state custody. Thirty states followed suit.

  • A simple eulogy for an old friend




    In the early morning hours of February 27, I lost a dear and close friend to the Next World. At that time, William Nathan Hintzen departed this world and entered the Great Unknown accompanied by his faithful canine companions.

  • Elagabalus and second chances

    Vince Luecke



    editor@perry countynews.com

    A professor teaching a college classics class once asked his students to research a person or event from Roman history that took place on their birthdays.