Today's Opinions

  • Ellspermann move would be great for Ivy Tech, blow to Pence’s re-election chances

    Like most Hoosiers, we were surprised to learn late last year that Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann is giving serious consideration to becoming Ivy Tech Community College’s next president.

    As was reported across the state before the holidays, Ellspermann has expressed an interest in the position and would likely be a strong candidate. A selection task force will choose a successor to the retiring Tom Snyder in a few months.

  • Get ‘outta’ my yard

    Jim Adkins

    Guest Columnist


    We have three minpins that are so high strung that they make Barney Fife seem as mellow as Perry Como. This pack of dogs bark when the leaves rustle, and are very territorial. Nothing misses their watchful eyes. They live in our large back yard and thrive there.

    The other night at about 3 a.m., the pins began barking; all three of them at once. Nothing new there, but the timbre of their bark was different; lower and more ominous.

  • District 74’s Arnold: I want to hear from you!

    State Rep. Lloyd Arnold

    House District 74


    Happy New Year! It is 2016 and with a new year comes a fresh start and great anticipation for the months ahead. I hope everyone had a relaxing and memorable holiday season. I enjoyed the quality time with my friends and family on Christmas and the week following.

  • Nativity display a tribute to many volunteers

    The Nativity scene Dec. 12 was a great success. The scene was so beautiful and reflected the joyous birth of Jesus.

     I want to thank these following people. Gene Borders for the use of his land and building; Robin Brown with her donkey and goat; Scott Whitehead for the sheep and Brandon Sodrel for his donkeys for the petting zoo. Thank you to the Tell City Police Department for the speaker system; Orscheln Farm and Home for the use of the pen and Betty Cash for opening the Tell City Depot and letting the group get dressed for the scene.

  • Numbers that truly count

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com

    I’m a creature of habit and ritual and my love of annual traditions extends to holidays such as tomorrow’s observance of New Year’s. Like a lot of people, I adopt a resolution or two, most of which (with the exception of losing weight) I’m able to keep – at least for several months if not the entire year.

  • Ewing deserves credit for transforming Tell City

    Mayor Barbara Ewing’s retirement has made its share of news lately and the newspaper has thoroughly covered her departure with stories and photos. But we would be remiss if we did not offer a final gesture of thanks in this space to a city leader who has done so much.

    Ewing’s eight years as mayor have truly been transformative and while she took the keys to the city after two effective predecessors, Bill Goffinet and Gayle Strassell, Ewing improved her community in just about every way imaginable. 

  • Our civic responsibilities

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com


    I’ve grown so accustomed to biting my tongue around politicians, I’m fortunate to have kept the ability to speak. I spend as much time in public meetings as just about any elected official in Perry County and it’s certainly difficult at times to not speak my mind during public debates.

  • The right prescription for meth

    Indiana has the unfortunate distinction of leading the nation in meth lab seizures. Since 2013, law enforcement has dismantled 4,477 meth labs, rescued 1,104 children living in a meth lab environment and arrested 3,766 people connected to manufacturing meth.

    Perry County has long had a major meth problem, with hundreds of clandestine labs discovered in homes, moving vehicles, campsites and abandoned buildings.