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  • Some Rust Belt problems are of our own making




    Explaining the role of international trade on manufacturing jobs and the plight of the Midwest remains a daunting task for an economics professor. Perhaps this is because the telling of fables is so spiritually comforting.

    After all, it is easy to hope that prosperity will return to some beleaguered Rust Belt town if only we can stop Chinese imports. It is much harder to admit that our real challenges are homegrown.

  • A taste of early fall

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com


    It’s technically not yet autumn. Halloween is still more than a month away and thanks to a summer with abundant rainfall (and the lingering effect of a few hurricanes) lawns are green and lush. But fall is just about here and that means it’s time for harvest parties and turtle soup.

  • Cut out the political name-calling

    Our email boxes regularly runneth over with messages from political parties and, to be honest, most of those don’t get that much attention, especially in an off-year in which there are no elections.

    But a few recent emails from Indiana’s Republican party and from U.S. Senate candidate Todd Rokita concern us. They raise criticism of Sen. Joe Donnelly for profiting from a family business that had shipped jobs out of the country, in this case, Mexico.

  • Cool nights initiate bloom for holiday cacti

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    It looks like we are in a cool weather pattern, which got me thinking about some of my orchids and holiday cacti.

  • The importance of initiative

    Editor’s Note: This is one of a series of columns about workplace values written by community members. This one was written by recent Perry Central graduate  Hannah Hubert.


    Starting in junior high, teachers introduced students to the idea of being a, “self starter.” They wanted us to begin working without being told to, get assignments done before they were due, and to start projects on our own without help.

  • Full-time animal control officer needed
  • Thanks for making Perry Central’s back-to-school cookout a success

    We would like to thank all the individuals, organizations and businesses that contributed to the success of this year’s Perry Central Back to School Cookout.  The turn-out was great with over a thousand students and families attending.

  • Labor makes us who we are

    Vince Luecke


    editor@perry countynews.com


    With the arrival of Labor Day, I wonder if there is as much emphasis placed on the value of work as there once was. I speak as someone raised on hard work and for whom labor is a big part of my life.