Today's Opinions

  • EDITORIAL: Your vote is your voice - Don’t give it away

    Will you vote in tomorrow’s election?

    Many of us will. In fact, well over 1,000 people have already cast ballots in early voting.

    Others of us will turn out tomorrow to choose from the men and women who want to represent us in a several important posts, including county sheriff, prosecutor, auditor, clerk, coroner, state senator and state representative and Congress.

    Those are important positions as they impact the direction of local, state and federal government.

  • LETTER: Coyle’s family speaks out on campaign, election

    I am engaged to Chris Coyle and I wanted to take a moment to speak to you about my family and his campaign.

    I knew that when Chris decided to run for office, it was not an individual decision, but a family one. It was not a decision we made lightly. I am not originally from Perry County. I relocated my family here because of all that Perry County has to offer. A large part of that was the school system.

  • An open letter to Perry County Prosecutor Rod Acchiardo on the pending grand jury

    I have learned through various contacts that the current Perry County Prosecutor announced that he would convene a panel forming a grand jury to examine whether “Sheriff Lee Chestnut or any of his subordinates should be indicted for criminal misconduct in connection with the death of the young woman” identified as Whitney N. Turner.

  • LETTER: Thank you for voting Tuesday

    I’m running for a seat on the Tell City-Troy Township School Board. My focus as a school board member is creating an environment where every child has the opportunity to get a quality education.

    This requires small classes, rich curriculum, diverse electives, and advanced placement, career-technical, and vocational courses. Fiscal responsibility is paramount to ensure each dollar is wisely spent to benefit the students first.

  • LETTER: I want to set the record straight on experience and political-forum statements

    I am sorry that I have not responded sooner, but the duties of being prosecutor have taken a great deal of my time lately as you may have read recently in the paper.

    At the candidates’ debate there were a number of misstatements made by my opponent that went unchallenged due to time constraints. The most glaring of which is the statement that he has the same experience now as I had when I ran four years ago.

  • COLUMN: One year later, family still grateful to rescue workers, community

    Guest Column

    As we approach the one-year anniversary of Sarah’s wreck, we want to publicly thank the dozens of rescue workers and police officers who helped save Sarah’s life on Nov. 1, 2013.

    Sarah was involved in a head-on collision with a flatbed tow truck near the Evanston turnoff as she was coming home from college that evening.

  • LETTER: A case when crime pays

    Why doesn’t the local prosecutor go after former Cannelton City Schools Superintendent Marion Chapman, considering the nearly half-million dollars that was illegally taken from the local school system?

    Chapman gets a $25,000 fine, suspended sentence and probation.

    It would appear that crime does pay and that the citizens of this community get stuck with the tab to try this case and lost revenue to support the school.

    Can’t Perry County do better?

    Tell City

  • LETTER: Be sure to vote Nov. 4

    I’m writing to encourage everyone to vote Nov. 4. It’s our great privilege.

    Also remember to thank our veterans on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. Their sacrifices made our county.

    Daughter of the American Revolution, Daughter of 1812, Daughter of the Union and Chairwoman of Americanism for Harry G. Myers American Legion Auxiliary 142, Cannelton