Today's Opinions

  • St. Meinrad ROCKS another hit in 2016

    I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the sixth annual St. Meinrad ROCKS Fest.

    Special thanks goes out to our entertainment: Phil the Excitement, Angel Rhodes, 5th Degree Burn, Silly Rules, Double Shot, Andy and Henry Hagedorn, Selling the War, and Close Enough. What a fantastic line-up!

  • USS Indianapolis had key role before tragedy

    Andrea Neal

    Guest Columnist


    The city of Indianapolis will be forever linked to one of the worst naval disasters in history: the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in World War II.   

    This was the 10,000-ton cruiser that delivered secret components for the atomic bomb to be used against Japan, only to be sunk by Japanese torpedoes on the return trip. More than 870 men died in shark-filled waters, and the ship’s captain, Charles McVay, was unjustly court martialed, his name cleared long after he took his own life.

  • Rome VFD thanks hog roast helpers

    The Rome Fire Department would like to thank the following businesses for their donation for our annual Hog Roast.

  • Salvation Army proud to be local United Way partner


    The Salvation Army Perry County Service Extension unit is proud to be a United Way of Perry County partner. The primary goal of The Salvation Army Service Extension program is to provide emergency financial assistance to people in need throughout the community.

    The funds allocated to our program by the UWPC, combined with other money raised through our kettle fund-raising campaign, allow our local office to offer financial assistance for basic needs such as medical, food, energy, rent, and transportation expenses.

  • Propagating trees from seeds can be a challenge

    Jeneen Wiche

    Weekend Gardener


    Some plants are prolific; some are not. Dandelion seed floats through the air and disperses far and wide in spring or summer; hundreds of tiny seeds burst from the spent blooms of cleome as a sphinx moth feeds at dusk.

    Woody plants can be a bit more elusive. I have never seen a Serbian spruce spring forth from a fallen cone nor an apple tree emerge from rotten fruit beneath its canopy. Starting woody plants from seed can be tricky.            

  • Calling all fourth-graders

    State Rep. Lloyd Arnold

    Guest Columnist


    Throughout this bicentennial year, we are celebrating Indiana’s rich history through events, festivals and a statewide torch relay. Hoosiers of all ages have helped commemorate our state’s 200th birthday.

    Another way our young ones can get involved this historic year is by taking part in the Statehood Day essay contest.

  • Patriotism and the national anthem

    I have been interested by the flurry of highly emotional and outraged responses to Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to stand for the national anthem. And while at one time I might have agreed with the News’s editorial on the subject (“National anthem not the time to stage protests,” Sept. 12), at this time I find it necessary to explain why I no longer do.

  • A time for everything

    Vince Luecke



    editor@perry countynews.com

    Sadly, I won’t be able to travel far for a vacation anytime soon. Recent days (or the occasional week)  away from work have meant working somewhere else.

    I used to not mind the lack of real down time but the approach of upper middle age – I turn 50 next year – has made me realize I need to find better balance in my life and with that realization comes the dream of just getting away from everything, maybe for a few weeks or maybe for longer.